Switching to Natural Hair Dye

switching to natural hair dye

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I have been dyeing my hair since I was about 13. It has been many crazy colours over the years ranging from black to blonde. However, now I’m a ‘proper’ grown up I tend to just stick to light blonde. It’s no secret that I favour natural beauty products wherever possible. I even went 7 months without washing my hair with shampoo.

One area where I have struggled to find a good natural alternative is hair dye. I have tried lemon washes without a lot of success, I even went as far as to source some white henna or cassia obovata whatever you prefer to call it. It conditioned my hair really well but didn’t change the colour at all.

Tints of Nature

A few weeks I was made aware of a company called Tints of Nature. They sell a whole range of natural hair dyes. 

“Our Tints of Nature permanent hair colour is packed full of natural and organic ingredients that nourish and protect your hair to give you the best natural hair colour”.

Tints of nature natural hair dye

I thought I would just note here that the product isn’t completely chemical free but they try to use the minimum amount of chemicals possible. I guess what I’m saying is if you are looking for hair dye that is kinder to your hair than most other dyes this is the one for you.

“Our gentle and ethical products are made with a maximum of certified organic ingredients and a minimum of chemicals to create your happiest, healthiest coloured hair, ever”.


 Contains up to 60% certified organic ingredients
•    No ammonia
•    No parabens
•    No resorcinol
•    Unique blend of natural and organic ingredients
•    Plant-derived extracts and vitamins C and E
•    Made with orange, grapefruit, comfrey and camomile to soothe, moisturise and protect hair

Before Hair Dye

I will apologize in advance for my rubbish photos. I cannot for the life of me take good selfies, probably because I’m not 16!

As you can see from the photos my hair is blonde naturally but not the sort of blonde I want. It’s too dark for my taste, hence why I dye it.

My hair before the Tints of Nature natural hair dye

Before natural hair dye

The Natural Hair Dye Kit

The kit was mostly the same as any other I have used. It contained the colour gel, the colour fix, plastic gloves, plastic cap and conditioner. It also had a shampoo which I haven’t had with other hair dyes in the past, it’s normally just the conditioner.

Natural hair dye kit Tints of Nature

Natural hair dye

Tints of Nature natural hair dye kit

The Process

Step 1: Wash you hair with the shampoo provided

Step 2: Mix the colour gel into the colour fix bottle and shake

Step 3: Massage contents onto your hair, put on cap and leave for 3o mins (longer if required)

Step 4: Rinse hair and condition with conditioner provided.

The only thing that was different for me here was that I had to wash my hair before I dyed it and put the dye on damp hair.

The End Result

As you can see from the photos the dye worked really well and, I think, gave a very natural look to my hair. These photos were taken literally straight after dyeing and there wasn’t a hint of an orangey tinge which you sometimes get with blonde hair dyes.

I loved the fact that it didn’t smell really strong like a lot of hair dyes do. My hair felt lovely and soft afterwards.

After natural hair dye

After natural hair dye shot

Before and after shot using Tints of Nature hair dye

Would I use this product again? The answer is yes I would as it’s much better for my hair than the dyes I currently use however if I wanted a completely chemical free dye I would have to look elsewhere.

Find out more about Tints of Nature on their website.



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