Why De-stressing at Home is Important

Relaxing at home for better wellbeing

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Stress is part and parcel of modern life with its prolonged effects on our health, both physical and emotional well-being. More aware of how stress affects us, many more of us are looking to make changes to minimise stress in our lives.

And this means creating a home that offers the peaceful, tranquil retreat that we need to shed the layers of stress that come with long work days, hectic social calendars and family commitments.

de-stress at home

This is one of the main reasons I have spent the last 2 years decluttering our home. Every day I was feeling stressed and overwhelmed without any good reason. Eventually, I came to the conclusion that it was because we were living in a cluttered environment. We just had too much stuff!

I went on a mission and got rid of over 80% of our belongings and with every bag that went out the door, I felt a little bit better. It took a lot of effort but it was completely worth it and has changed our lives for the better.

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What are your Stressors?

Why De-Stressing at Home is Important #Wellbeing #SimpleLiving Stressors are the personal triggers that lead to the feelings we associate with stress. From sweaty palms to feeling more ‘pent-up’ than usual, relaxation starts with understanding where our own personal stress comes from.

It could be a long-term stress that has been building for some time or stress can be a short-term reaction to something that we need to deal with. Either way, you may be wondering what is the best way of keeping stress in check.

As well as understanding what it is, where it comes from and our own personal stress triggers, the environment around us can play a part in helping us to unwind.

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De-Stressing at Home

De-stressing at home starts with creating the perfect surroundings and we can take cues and ideas from styles and interior design from other countries. We can also make improved choices when it comes to items of furniture too, such as relaxing recliners and comforting beds.

As well as looking at interior design styles, this handy guide to de-stressing at home by Rattan Direct also includes 19 tips on quick but effective ways to make our homes appealing to our senses, essential in triggering endorphins rather than adrenaline.

And this means one thing: a home that envelopes us, allowing stress to slip away leading to us being relaxed and at peace with ourselves.

Learn how to de-stress at home

How I De-Stressed our Home

The one book that really helped me to finally take back control of my home was *The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying by Marie Kondo. It gave me the final push to really be ruthless with what we kept and what we got rid of.

However, once I had completed our mammoth decluttering and our home was looking pretty good something still wasn’t quite right although I wasn’t quite sure why. Then after reading another book it finally clicked.

The book is called *L’Art De La Simplicite: How To Live With Less by Dominique Loreau. Although Marie Kondo’s book is really good for motivating you to get rid of stuff it doesn’t really cover what to do once you’ve done it. Her second book The Joy of Less focuses more on this but I found L’Art de la Simplicite to be a game changer.

Dominique’s book focuses on minimalism and simply living but with a huge focus on beauty. Not body beauty but beauty around us. It’s all very well to get rid of everything you own but once you’ve done that you should then focus your energy on making that space as beautiful as you possibly can.

‘Japanese people have always embraced minimalism – but a form of minimalism of which beauty is an intrinsic part.’

This was the bit I was struggling with because if you want to make a space beautiful you are going to have to spend money and buy things. After 2 years of getting rid of things, this seemed to me like we’d be going backwards. But that’s not the case at all. Now we have an uncluttered home we can spend time finding items that we really want or love.

My ultimate aim now is to have an uncluttered and organised home that is beautiful to look at. Hence, why we’ve been on a decorating spree in our new home. We’ve done the decluttering and organising and it’s now time to beautify.

How do you de-stress your home? 

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