5 Things To Declutter Before Christmas


Do you love everything in your home?

Is it organised?

Do you feel relaxed when you’re in your home?

Does your home make you smile?

Why Declutter?

If you answered no to any of the above questions then it may be time for a decluttering session.

Clutter causes stress. It makes us feel overwhelmed and can prevent us from achieving our goals. It makes our day to day life harder. There have been numerous studies into the connection between too many possession and stress. 

Today the average person consumes twice as much as they did 50 years ago and *99% of what we buy is thrown away within 6 months! 

In relation to that our happiness levels have also decreased over those 50 years. *Source The Story of Stuff

Personally, I don’t believe that is a coincidence. 

If you are looking to simplify your life then I’d highly recommend you join us for this FREE ecourse: 5 Things To Declutter Before Christmas. 

"It has really motivated me to sort stuff out, clear the decks and generally tidy my living space."

Every surface I look at now, I wonder what needs to go so I probably need to get all my ‘Nik-Naks’ out onto the floor and sort them, clear the shelves and mantle pieces and only put back what I really love and that looks lovely.

Get Your Home In Order Once And For All!

Course Content...


Spend less time deciding on what to wear. Learn how to effectively declutter your clothes so you can then go on to create your own capsule wardrobe.


A lot of people find decluttering books hard. Learn how to finally declutter your books once and for all in this course. 


Do you have an area in your home that’s drowning in paper? Unpaid bills, party invitations, school announcements, newspapers that you can’t find the time to read? I can show you how to successfully declutter your papers.


Komono one are your miscellaneous items including CD’s, DVD’s skincare products, make-up, valuables, electrical equipment and household equipment. 


Komono two are further miscellaneous items including gifts, disposables, mobile phone packages, unidentified cords, spare buttons, broken items, cosmetic samples and more.


Learn how to create an ideal home board and why it’s important for your decluttering process.


Get your hands on my free KonMari decluttering checklist with printable checklists to help you throughout the course.


Get access to our private Facebook group where we share experiences, tips and offer support to each other. 

The course starts on Monday 4th November 2019. Last chance to join is Friday 1st November!

"It has made me think very carefully about how I buy stuff."

Most of my shopping gets done in charity shops but I still have a tendency to “just pop in & see what they have” which usually involves me buying something that I probably don’t need and don’t have space or really a use for.

My Decluttering Story...

My name is Georgina Caro.

Over the last  5 years, we have been on a mission to drastically change our lives.

Our ultimate aim was to minimize, simplify and just enjoy life more. It has been a hard and long process but we finally feel like we’ve got to where we want to be.


Back in 2016, I began the process of decluttering our life and I’m proud to say that I’ve now got rid of around 75% of our stuff.


In 2017 we finally took the plunge and downsized our home. It was, hands down, the best decision we have ever made!

By moving to our ‘downsized’ home we paid off all of our short-term debt and reduced our mortgage by 10 years. We also dramatically reduce our monthly outgoings.

With the extra money, we intend to make over-payments on our mortgage to further reduce the repayment time.

Our aim is to be mortgage free by the time I’m in my late forties. By reducing our overheads and minimizing our life we have taken a huge amount of stress out of our daily life.

We like to work on the basis that…

“The less you have, the less you have to lose”

"The 5 days of decluttering challenge gave me a confidence push to get started on sorting my home."

It feels lighter, calmer and more breathe-able already.