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Helping you to live a more sustainable & simple life

by breaking it down into simple steps to avoid the overwhelm

Georgina Caro Gypsy Soul



I’m Georgina Caro, welcome to my blog.

Did you recently watch a TV programme about the environment (Blue Planet II, Fashion’s Dirty Secrets, Drowning in Plastic) and start to think about what changes you could make in your life?

Did you do a bit of research online and then get completely overwhelmed with all of the ideas?

Do you struggle to know where to start to live a more sustainable lifestyle?

Well, that is what Gypsy Soul is here to help you with.



The main topics covered on this blog are…

Simple Living, Reducing Waste, Sustainable Swaps for your Home, Eco lifestyle


Decluttering, Home Organisation, Living with Less, Downsizing

Zero Waste

Zero Waste Home, Zero Waste Beauty, Zero Waste Food, Zero Waste Lifestyle


Self-care, Fitness, Natural Remedies, Happiness, Mind



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My goal is to help you lead a more sustainable & simple life by breaking it down into simple steps to avoid the overwhelm. I’m really excited to join you on this journey.

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