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Gypsy Soul is here to help you live a more sustainable & simple life.

Do you constantly feel tried, stressed and overwhelmed although you’re never really sure why?  Is your house full of stuff which you can never seem to organise? Do you struggle to keep up with your never ending to-do lists? Would you like to start living a more sustainable lifestyle but feel overwhelmed by all of the choices?

Are you ready to start making positive changes to your life with a little help along the way?

If so then this is the place for you. 

What Does It Mean To Live A More Sustainable & Simple Life?

Trying to lead a more sustainable & simple lifestyle can often be an overwhelming journey. There are so many contradictions of what is sustainable and what is not. Also, I think people sometimes misinterpret what sustainable living actually means. You speak to some people and they will throw out words like recycling, vegan, carbon footprint etc. Which yes, can all form part of living a sustainable lifestyle but it’s not the whole picture. I feel that sustainable living is so much more than that!

The official definition for sustainable is…

‘able to be maintained at a certain rate or level’

To me, sustainable & simple living means to create a lifestyle that you not only enjoy & love living but one that you can also maintain without too much stress. You can read about our journey to a simpler life here.

Your ultimate goal for your life will be different to others. Only you can decide what kind of life you want to live. The first step for changing your life though is to have a clear idea of what that is. 

Why Simplify Your Life?

Before you begin to make changes to your life it’s important to now why you’re doing it in the first. So, why do you want to change your life? What don’t you like about your current lifestyle? Grab a pen a write it all down. 

For us simplifying our life has given us so much more time and space to do the things we really love doing. Put simply, simplifying your life gives you more time & less stress, which is something that I believe we could all do with in this fast paced world we now live in. 

Start Now

7 Days To Simplify Your Life

In order to make positive changes to your life you first need to have a clear idea of what it is that you want to achieve. Spend some time thinking about your goals which gives you something to aim for. Think about what you ideal life would look like? What do you want to do more of and what could you do without in your life? 

Your also going to have to dedicate some time to decluttering and organising your surroundings. It’s so much easier to make changes in your life if you’re not constantly surrounded by mess and chaos. 

Once you have your home in order you can the start to implement some new rituals into your life. Rituals, unlike habits, are actions you perform with meaning and purpose. They can be life-changing once you’ve mastered how to incorporate them into your daily life. 

If your feeling overwhelmed by reading all of that then don’t panic! No one is expecting you to change your life overnight. It takes time and patience but from someone who has been there done that, believe me it’s completely worth it in the end. The trick is to break it down into simple steps.

To help you get started I’ve created a free eCourse called 7 Days To Simplify Your Life. It covers the 7 steps that I took to change our life. If you want to start making changes to your life then sign up today and get started. You’ll also gain access to my library of free resources. 

7 Days To Simplify your Life

A free eCourse by Georgina Caro: helping you to live a more sustainable & simple life by breaking it down into simple steps. 

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