10 Things My Kids Do That Makes Me Smile

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Kids can do and say the funniest things, here are 1o things that my two do that make me smile.

1) When they get into our bed in the morning and fight over who gets to cuddle me first.
2) The way my daughter now thinks that horses are called ‘see saws’ because she has a rocking horse at home and when she sits on it we sing ‘see saw, see saw’.
3) Hearing them both belly laughing together in the garden while they are playing.
4) The way my 19 month old tries to talk her way out of trouble in her toddler babble when you tell her off.
5) When we drop Daddy off at the pub and my son says “Daddy has gone to have some juice and do some colouring” because that is what he does when he goes to the pub with us.
6) The way my daughter farts and then looks around as if to say ‘where the hell did that come from?’
7)  The way my son talks from the minute he gets up to the minute he goes to bed and then sometimes even in his sleep.
8) How it makes their day when I do a simple thing like get a tube of bubbles out.
9) When I watch my 3 year old running round the garden with a rolled up magazine trying to swat every bug that flies by.
10) When I secretly catch them having cuddles together.



So what about you, what things do your little ones do that’s guaranteed to put a smile on your face?


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2 thoughts on “10 Things My Kids Do That Makes Me Smile”

  1. That’s lovely!
    I love seeing the face of my 10 month old when we pick his older brothers from school, he squeals with delight and smiles.
    My boy talk from morning til night too 🙂

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