10 Uses for Leftover Hummus

10 uses for leftover hummus

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I have been eyeing up the pot of hummus in our fridge with a sense of doom. This one pot could be my downfall in my Zero Food Waste Week challenge. Once opened it really needs to be consumed within 3 days however the shop bought pots are pretty big so unless you plan to only eat hummus for 3 days there’s a fair chance that you are going to have some leftover.

I know ideally I should be making my own batches of hummus and freezing it in perfectly potion pieces ready for use but I haven’t quite reached the level ‘Goddess of zero waste’ yet.

After doing a bit of research I have actually discovered that there are hundreds of things that you can do with leftover hummus. I’m going to share my top ten with you today.

10 Leftover Hummus Ideas

Scrambled Egg

The next time you have scrambled eggs for breakfast whisk in a spoonful of hummus.

Hummus Beef Burgers 

I never knew you could add hummus to burgers but I came across this recipe on the blog Iowa Girl Eats which sounds amazing! Roasted red pepper hummus burgers with caramelised red onions and smokey mayo. Definitely going to get the other half to make this one day.

Sandwich Spread

A lot of people only seem to use hummus as a dip but we love it as a spread in a sandwich with ham, chicken or even corned beef. Basically use it instead of mayonnaise.

Hummus Salad Dressing

Whisk up half a cup of hummus with 2 Tbsp of lemon juice, 1 Tbsp water, pinch of salt & pepper and voila a tasty salad dressing.

Add it to Soup

Adding humus to soup makes the soup thick and creamy. I found this great recipe for sweet potato and hummus soup on The Foodie Dietitian Blog, it sounds amazing, I’m definitely going to try it.

leftover hummus

Add it to Pasta

You can thin out the hummus with a bit of water and olive oil and add it to cooked pasta.

Make a Hummus Pizza

Grab a pitta bread, cover it in hummus and add your toppings; some suggestions would be olives, cucumber, tomatoes or even feta. You can either eat it straight away or bake in the oven for around 12 minutes.

Deviled Eggs

I LOVE deviled eggs, no doubt due to my yuppie 80’s upbringing. We normally just do them with mayo and curry powder but apparently you can also do them with hummus. You simply just replace the hummus for the mayo. This is definitely on my to do list.

Hummus Mashed Potatoes 

Add a dollop of hummus to your next batch of mash potatoes in place of butter or olive oil, depending on how you normally make them.

Freeze It

If you really aren’t going to use the hummus then you can always freeze it and with a few simple steps it will be just as good as before. Firstly make sure the hummus is in an airtight container. Leave room for the hummus to expand which happens whilst it’s freezing. To use again, thaw the day before you plan to eat it. One defrosted there will be liquid on the top, this is normal, just give it a good stir and you’re ready to eat it. If it’s still a bit watery you can always pop it into the microwave for a few seconds.


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