15 of the Best Blogs to Follow About Zero Waste

15 of the Best Blogs to Follow About Zero Waste

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It is no secret that we live in a ‘throw away’ culture, why repair when you can simply buy new? The problem with this mindset is that we are starting to drown in our waste! Rather than accept this new way of living there are a group of people out there that are trying to tackle the problem head on.

Zero Waste it is a lifestyle philosophy where the person consciously chooses to reduce, or better still, eliminate waste completely from their lives. This can be achieved by applying the 5 R’s… Refuse, Reduce, Reuse, Rot & Recycle.

In the past, we’ve been told by experts that the only way to reduce the amount of waste the human race creates is to recycle everything. This, unfortunately, is not the answer! If we are every going to win the war on waste then the first stages should be to refuse & reduce not recycle.  

Recycling costs money and uses a lot of energy and should, therefore, be a last resort if you cannot apply one of the other R’s first.

15 of the Best Blogs to Follow About Zero WasteZero Waste is not a new concept it is how we all used to live. Packaging, especially plastic packaging, is a fairly modern concept and most of the time completely unnecessary.

Does a cucumber really need to be wrapped in plastic?  How many times last year did you buy a product that has required a degree in engineering just to get it open?

We live in such a fast-paced world that we can often overlook the amount of waste we are producing. By becoming aware of our rubbish we can start to look for ways to reduce the amount we produce.

Zero Waste is not something that one can achieve overnight. It’s a process of trial and error. A lot of zero wasters suggest starting with just one thing. Perhaps you could get you milk delivered in a returnable glass bottle? Or start buying your fruit and veg from a local greengrocer.

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Today I’ve put together a list of 15 of my favourite zero waste blogs. Hopefully, you will find them as inspiring as I do.

15 Best Blogs to Follow About Zero Waste

Conscious by Chloe

Journey to a simpler, greener and happier life

Eco Boost

‘cos green looks good on you

Going Zero Waste

Waste reduction, real food and natural living


Living trash-free in the big city 

My Zero Waste

Making our world a cleaner place

Paris To Go

Zero-waste and gluten free in Paris

Skip the Bag

Changing the world by skipping one plastic bag at a time

Spot of Earth

The environment and our zero waste journey

The Picture of Mary

Zero waste lifestyle

The Rogue Ginger

Zero Waste and Plastic Free Living

The Zero-Waste Chef

No packaging. Nothing processed. No waste 

Trash is for Tossers

Say no to trash

Zero Waste Home

The queen of zero waste

Zero Waste Path

My zero waste journey

Zero Waste Week

Reduce waste to save money and the environment with Zero Waste Week

Gina Caro

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8 thoughts on “15 of the Best Blogs to Follow About Zero Waste”

  1. Thanks for mentioning Spot of Earth. This is a great compilation of zero waste blogs (and not just because I’m included!) and I love your description of the term ‘zero waste’ as well. Summed it up very nicely. 🙂

  2. Ahh, thanks so much for compiling all these blogs together! I’ve been trying to figure out more ways to reduce waste, so these will definitely be super helpful! :] Off to check em’ out!!

  3. Wow, thanks! I liked Paris to go and conscious by Chloe especially 🙂 Lovely content, also aesthetically. I need to check the rest.

  4. Some great names here – always a pleasure to find more people who are doing life with less. Thank you for making it simple for me!
    Thank you

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