29 Things To Do This February with Devon’s Crealy

29 Things to do with Devon's Crealy

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Devon’s Crealy wants you to get active this February and take inspiration from it’s fun-filled list of things to do. Josh Haywood, the General Manager said: “Crealy has always been about helping families to have fun together and this year is no different.”  

Josh continues “We know how difficult it can be trying to keep the little ones entertained during half term and on those rainy days so we thought we’d come up with some ideas! The list doesn’t have to be followed in order – mix it up to suit your own activities. ” 

Devon’s Crealy

Devon’s Crealy is an adventure park just outside of Exeter. The park is set in 100 acres of Devon countryside and is home to over 60 rides, over 100 animals and plenty of indoor play areas too. Perfect for those wet West Country days.

Devon's Crealy

The List

We may be well into February but there is still lots of time to take part and with the kiddies off school next week it’s a perfect opportunity to give the different activities a go. We are going to print off the list and tick them off as we go along. We’ll be using the hashtag #‎29thingstodo‬ if you like to follow us and see how we are getting on. 

29 Things To Do with Devon's Crealy

  • Decorate your wellies with doodles of your choice.
  • Collect sticks for the ultimate pooh-sticks competition.
  • Challenge your mum or dad to a pebble skimming competition.
  • Dance to a song in your living room.
  • Play a game of snap
  • Take to the skies on the flying machine at Crealy. What can you spot while you are flying through the air?
  • Dress up as a pirate and imagine that you are sailing the seven seas.
  • Put some food out for the birds in your garden and see which birds you can identify.
  • Play hide and seek
  • Make your own board game
  • Make a Valentine’s card for your Mum
  • Make a kite for a windy day
  • Challenge your friends to a hopping competition who can hop for the longest.
  • Superhero Sunday! Dress up as your favourite Superhero.
  • Visit the animals at Crealy – will your family win a prize in the Fab February giveaway at half term. Kee your fingers crossed!
  • Find a puddle and search for living creatures with a magnifying glass.
  • Paint some pebbles with pictures of bugs or pretty patterns found in nature.
  • Enjoy the thrill of the Twister at Crealy and then design your own rollercoaster ride when you get home.
  • Write a letter to a loved one and deliver it by hand.
  • Get cosy with floor cushions and a blanket and read your favourite book.
  • Make some fairy cakes and decorate with icing and sparkles.
  • Make sock puppets and put on a show for your family.
  • Make a little theatre from an empty cereal box.
  • Make a den in your bedroom or in your back garden.
  • Collect 5 different leaves from your garden, dry them and stick them to your wall.
  • Paint a picture of your family.
  • See what the Meerkats are up to at Meerkat Manor at Crealy.
  • Make a friendship bracelet for your best friend.
  • Leap for leap day!

29 Things to do with Devon's Crealy

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