4 Amazing Family Breeds

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When it comes to puppies, what’s not to love?  With their gorgeous balls of fur, big eyes and oversized paws that yearn to be cuddled, what more could you want in a pet?

Bringing a puppy into your family’s life can be hugely rewarding experience for everyone involved; however, with all the different breeds available how do you pick the right one? To help you choose your new puppy here are four amazing family friendly breeds to consider.

Siberian Huskies

Siberian Huskies

Image credit to Randi Hausken

If you’re lucky enough to spot someone advertising Siberian husky puppies for adoption  then your search for a puppy is over. You can find these gorgeous high-energy creatures at your local RSPCA centre along with other dogs that are ideal for families with children.  Huskies are well known for their friendly and gentle nature making them ideal companions for your little ones.  Intelligent working dogs, huskies are very alert and adaptable so as your children grow and your domestic life changes, your canine companion will adapt with you.

Huskies love to run so there’s no danger of your children tiring them out and, so long as you socialise them properly, you won’t have to worry about them being aggressive towards other dogs when you’re all out for a walk.

Labrador Retrievers

A labrador retriever is an excellent substitute if you can’t find a husky. These even-tempered dogs behave well with children and are easy to train. If your household already includes a cat then you have nothing to worry about as these eager-to-please dogs are also very feline friendly.

Labrador Retriever

Image Credit: Kevin Rodriguez Ortiz on Flickr


Nikko Bulldog

Image credit to Sabian Maggy

While bulldogs might not be the most active and energetic of breeds, their stocky build and strong sense of patience means that they will withstand virtually everything a boisterous family can throw at them. They don’t mind whether they live in a large house with a garden or a small flat on the first floor, so if your situation changes you’ll still have happy and contented dog.


A beagle’s even temperament makes it an ideal companion for children; they are gentle by nature whilst being very friendly and loyal. Children will adore playing with these dogs as they love to join in on fun and games.  With bundles of energy, these cute companions won’t wear out easily, so they’ll keep the children thoroughly entertained with enough energy leftover to enjoy a stroll with you in the evening.

Bagel the Beagle

Image Credit: brownpau on Flickr


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1 thought on “4 Amazing Family Breeds”

  1. We have 2 children and 2 dogs. One is a Labrador and one is a Husky cross 🙂 Both are fabulous family dogs although as the Lab has got older her thieving has got worse and the Husky cross is prone to bouts of stubbornly refusing to come back when called. A few walks stuck on the flexi-lead should remind her who is boss. But you are right, they make great family pets so long as you train them correctly from day one (which is in fact the case with any dog in any situation).

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