5 Essentials For A Great Girls Night In

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Since having children our social life has taken quite a hit, gone are the days when you can just pop up to the pub for a bottle glass of wine after work on a Friday. These days going out is a full scale operation and half the time we are too tired to organise the whole thing.

We’ve found a great way of keeping up a social life is for our friends to come to over to us or we go to them, generally with the kiddies in tow for a sleepover to save on babysitting costs. Recently my friends and I have been having quite a few girly nights in.

Here are my top 5 essentials for a great girls night in…


This one for me is a must! There’s nothing like relaxing with a glass of wine after a hectic week with the kiddies. If you are feeling a little more adventurous then why not try your hand at some cocktail making, just make sure that you have some paracetamol handy for the morning after.


There’s a huge amount of options for takeaway foods these days. On our last girly night we ordered from Domino’s pizza. I’ve never had pizza from there before but I have to say it was amazing! We also had BBQ chicken wings and wedges on the side.

Domino's Pizza

Dominos Pizza

domino's pizza

If you are going order takeaway then I would recommend Dominos. We ordered ours online and then sent the men out to pick it up.

Music or a Chick Flick

If you just want to get together and gossip all night then background music creates a nice atmosphere or if you are all gossiped out then stick on a romantic comedy and crack open the popcorn/ben & jerry’s/chocolate/more wine *delete as appropriate*

Pamper Products

No girly night would be complete without a bit of self pampering. A nice easy product to use is a face mask like these blackhead killers.

Don’t forget to get a silly selfie of you with your face packs on.

Blackhead killers

Face masks girly night

Just don’t take the mask off in front of your 5 year old son. I think I scarred the poor boy for life!

face mask girly night


Now this is a new one for my but I’ve been informed by my teenage niece that onesies are now a necessity for any girly nights in. I’ve yet to actually buy one but I must admit they do look very cozy!

So there are my 5 essentials, what do you like to have on a girly night in?


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18 thoughts on “5 Essentials For A Great Girls Night In”

  1. About once a month my friends and I have a girly get together…..We all go in our onesies….The Taxi drivers face is priceless when he see’s us all….lol

    1. I feel I’m missing out on the whole onesie craze, perhaps I should get one and as a bonus they might all be in the sale now that Spring has sprung 😉

    1. My face definitely felt revitalized after using them, it was quite red but I have quite sensitive skin so think that was why. My pores looked nice and clear though 🙂

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