5 Simple Ways To Make Your Car More Environmentally Friendly

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Now I know what you’re thinking the words car and environmentally friendly shouldn’t really be together in the same sentence, right? I know that in the ‘ideal’ world we’d all give up our cars and cycle everywhere on perfectly planned cycle routes. Wouldn’t that be amazing!


However, in the real world, I know that for a lot of people giving up their car simply isn’t an option. Mainly due to lack of other options. I for one would love to cycle to school each day with the children but our cycle routes are not great where we live and I feel it would be too dangerous to have the children out on the road on bikes every day.


I’d also love an electric car but sadly our budget won’t stretch to that. My other half has a hybrid so at least we’re halfway there.


Today I thought I’d share with you 5 ways that you can make your car more environmentally friendly so at least you are consciously trying to minimise the damage done by them.

Correct Tyre Pressure


Always ensure that you have the correct tyre pressure. Underinflated tyres don’t work as efficiently as fully inflated ones which can cause lag. As well as ensuring they are properly inflated it’s also good to have good quality tyres that will hopefully last you longer. Reducing the times you need to change them.


There are many local tyre garages to help you out with your car tyres. One such place that is recommended for booking your tyres online – in UK localities like West Yorkshire is Ossett Tyre House. If you are in any other part of the UK, you can choose some other local depot instead – which is closer to you.

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Reduce The Weight Inside


The more weight you have inside your car the more fuel it will use. Only keep your essentials in the car. Not only will reducing the weight stop your car from using as much fuel but it will also save you money so that’s a win-win situation.


Turn Off The Air Conditioning


Did you know that when your air conditioning is on in your car it makes the engine work harder? That’s because it’s increasing the strain on the cars electrical systems which also leads to higher fuel consumption. Could you roll down your window instead?


If you do still need to use the air conditioning then at least make sure it’s working efficiently.

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Drive At A Steady Pace


Erratic driving with lots of braking and accelerating burns more fuel. Also, try to avoid idling whenever possible otherwise you’re just burning fuel and not even going anywhere. Idling cars are also a massive contributor to air pollution. A lot of modern cars these days have the stop-start function which can help with this.


If you have cruise control in your car use it. If not try to drive at a steady pace. I was once told that driving at 50 mph in fifth gear was the most efficient way to drive although I’m not sure that still stands these days? Even so, it’s something that has stuck with me for years.


Service Your Car Regularly


Keeping your car serviced regularly will not only prolong the life of the car but will also make it run more efficiently. Ideally, oil changes need to be done every 5,000 miles but of course, that will vary from car to car. You’ll also want to keep an eye on your water levels.


Do you have any other top tips for making your car more environmentally friendly?


Obviously, the most environmentally friendly thing you can do is to give up your car but as I said at the beginning I’m well aware that that isn’t an option for everyone including us!


One thing we have been doing as a family this year to reduce the amount we are using my car is to walk any journey that takes us less than half an hour on foot. I’m really starting to get into it now and getting fitter at the same time which is a plus. Plus, Charles is loving all of the extra walks.

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