50 Affirmations That Will Change Your Life!

50 Affirmations That Will Change Your Life!

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You may not realise it but your thoughts have a huge impact on your daily life. How many times have you woken up late in the morning after a bad night sleep and thought today is going to be hard. Then from the minute, you get up everything seems to go wrong.

You burn your toast then you can’t find your car keys. You get stuck in traffic and end up late to work. At lunchtime, you realise that you’ve left your wallet at home because you were rushing out the door. By the time you get home that evening you’ve had a really bad day!

Now imagine that you had woken up that morning and said to yourself I may be late but I’m not going to let it affect my day. You stretch, get up and get on with your day with a positive mindset. How do you think your day would work out with a start like that?

‘One small positive thought in the morning can change your entire day’

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What are Affirmations

The official definition for affirmations is… ‘the action or process of affirming something’. They are short positive sentences that you repeat to yourself on a regular basis to help change the way you think and feel.

How Affirmations can Help you

50 Affirmations that will change your life Affirmations are a way for you to be in control of your own thoughts. According to the National Science Foundation, we can have as many as 70,000 thoughts per day! Further to that around 80% of those thoughts are negative ones and 95% are the same repetitive thoughts that we had the day before.

That’s a lot of noise going on in your mind every day. Affirmations can help you to cut through the noise and focus your attention on one particular thought.

How we talk to ourselves, whether in our head or out loud has a direct effect on how we handle situations. If you go into a job interview thinking I’ll never get this job, I’m not good enough the chance is you won’t get that job.

Negative thoughts create negative energy and other people pick up on your energy.

‘What you think you become. What you feel you attract. What you imagine you create’ Buddha

By repeating positive affirmations or thoughts to yourself on a daily basis you are tricking your mind into believing what you are saying.

Try for one day to stop and pay attention to your thoughts. How many are negative? I bet it’s more than you think.

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50 Affirmations that will Change your Life

Below are 50 affirmations that will change your life. I have broken them down in different areas of life so you can find the most relevant affirmations for your needs.

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Affirmations For life in General

1) I live a positive life and only attract the best into my life

2) I attract only good things into my life

3) I am making positive choices in my life

4) I will face whatever comes today with a positive attitude

5) I am grateful for everything I have in my life

Affirmations For happy relationships 

6) I am attracting a loving and supporting soul mate

7) I have a wonderful partner who accepts me for who I am

8) I am surrounded by love

9) I support my partner unconditionally

10) Our relationship is getting stronger every day

affirmations for relationships

Affirmations For Work 

11) I believe in myself and my abilities

12) I see endless opportunities before me

13) I am the perfect person for the job

14) I am doing what I love and earning lots of money doing it

15) All my thoughts and actions are geared towards furthering my career

Affirmations for Fitness

16) Today I will honor my body through exercise

17) I am stronger than any excuse

18) I am perfectly healthy in mind, body, and spirit

19) I am achieving my weight loss goals

20) I enjoy my daily workout, it makes me feel alive

Affirmations for Money 

21) My wallet is overflowing with money

22) Money flows freely into my life

23) I am a magnet for money

24) Attracting money is easy

25) I am focused on achieving wealth

Affirmations for Self-Confidence 

26) I am beautiful

27) I am free from self-doubt and filled with confidence

28) I am enough

29) My happiness does not depend on others. I am in control of my happiness.

30) I love and accept myself just as I am

Affirmations for the Morning 

31) Today will be a great day

32) My possibilities are endless

33) I am filled with love and happiness this morning

34) I’m starting this day feeling refreshed and full of energy

35) I choose to have a good day today

Affirmations for the morning

Affirmations for Anxiety 

36) I am fully capable of managing any problems that come my way

37) I inhale confidence and exhale fears

38) I choose to not let my anxiety control me

39) I am safe and in control of my own body

40) Breathing in I calm my body, breathing out I smile

Affirmations for Depression 

41) I am strong, I am confident, I am happy

42) I only allow healthy and positive thoughts into my mind

43) One day at a time. One moment at a time

44) Small steps lead to great things

45) I forgive myself

Affirmations for Bedtime 

46) I release my stress from today

47) I am letting go of my problems and worries to have a restful nights sleep

48) I will wake up in the morning feeling refreshed

49) Tomorrow is another day and the chance to make a fresh start

50) I drift off now into a deep and undisturbed sleep

I hope you enjoyed this post. Have you ever tried using affirmations to change your thought pattern and improve your life? I’d love to hear which ones you use.

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