7 Easy Swaps for a Sustainable Kitchen

Reusable shopping bags by Boobalou

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Creating a more sustainable kitchen is not something that you can achieve overnight. It’s a process that takes time and patience. Even now after a few years of making switches we still don’t have what I would call a completely sustainable kitchen.

7 Easy Swaps for a Sustainable Kitchen #sustainableliving #sustainablelifestyle #greenliving My top tip for anyone wanting to live a more sustainable life would be to make little changes here and there.

When you are about to throw something in the bin make a note to research a more sustainable alternative.

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There are lots of little switches you can make in your kitchen and today I thought I’d list my top 7 for you

Also, just so you know I have every item I have listed below so we have tried and tested them. I wouldn’t be recommending them unless they were good.

Swap Clingfilm for Stasher Bag

Clingfilm is a single-use plastic which means it goes in the bin everytime you use it. There are lots of alternatives to clingfilm out there but personally, I’d highly recommend Stasher Bag. You can read my full review on them here. 

We made the switch to Stasher Bag back in February this year and I haven’t looked back since.

stasher bag review

If you don’t fancy the Stasher Bags then we also use BeeBee Wraps which is another product I’d highly recommend.

Alternatively, if you’re feeling up to it you can make your own beeswax wraps. It’s pretty easy to do. Check out my tutorial here.

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Sustainable swaps for your home a free guide by Gina Caro of Gypsy Soul

Swap Single-use Plastic Bags for Reusable Produce Bags 

There are lots or reusable produce bags out there. My favourites and the ones I have at home are from Boobalou. They sell mesh ones for products that you need to see at the till and ones without holes for smaller loose items like grains or cereals.

Reusable shopping bags by Boobalou

Swap Plastic Dish Brush for Wooden Dish Brush 

One of the things I struggled with for ages was finding suitable alternatives for washing dishes. I was still using those nasty disposable dish sponges as I just couldn’t find anything good enough to clean the dishes.

Then someone told me about the *Redecker dishwashing brushes. They work great on plates, pans and glass. The heads are removable so you only need to replace them when they’re worn out, not the whole brush. The heads are made from natural plant fibre so they’re compostable too! 

Redecker wooden dish brush

 Swap Disposable Dish Sponge for Metal Scourer 

Even though I bought my bamboo brushes I still needed something that was a little more abrasive for the really dirty dishes. You can buy metal scourers in most supermarkets and they don’t cost very much. Or you can *buy them in bulk online.

When they do eventually fall apart (which takes a while) they can be recycled.

zero waste home

Swap Disposable Coffee Cup for Reusable Coffee Cup

My favourite and the ones we use at home are the are the *ecocoffee Cup ones. They are made with natural bamboo fibre and can go in the dishwasher. You just have to remember to take it with you when you go out!


Swap Plastic Straws for Metal Ones 

Not everyone uses straws in their home so this one may not suit everyone. I like to have a few straws in our home for when the kiddies drink fruit juice. I was told by our dentist that drinking it through a straw reduces the harm that the juice does to their teeth.

Pictured below are the metal straws that we have in our home. They are by a company called Poppy Bee. The reason I love these ones so much is that they are made of BPA-free, food-grade stainless steel. You also don’t get that nasty metal aftertaste as you do with some of the other metal straws.

So, if you do use straws in your home I’d highly recommend these ones. *Check them out here.

Poppy Bee reusable metal straws

Swap Chemical Cleaners for Natural Cleaners 

Back in March 2018 I finally made the switch from chemical cleaners to natural ones. I make and use two different kinds. You can find the recipes here. They are really easy to make and I love the fact that we no longer use chemicals in our home.

Zero waste cleaners

Have you made any of the above switches to help you on your way to a more sustainable kitchen? If you have any other ideas or suggestions I’d love to hear them. 

7 Easy Swaps for a More Sustainable Kitchen #sustainablelifestyle #sustainableliving #greenliving
7 Easy Swaps for a Sustainable Kitchen #Sustainableliving
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9 thoughts on “7 Easy Swaps for a Sustainable Kitchen”

  1. This is a really helpful tips. I am been making loads of sustainable / plastic-free swaps in my kitchen over the last couple of months. The only thing I have yet to do from this list is make my own cleaners. I will definitely be having a go with your recipes soon!

  2. Good article! Some great swap ideas for substantial kitchen especially the green cleaners which is all I use. Visiting for #goinggreen linky Twitted! Have a healthy happy & blessed day!

  3. I haven’t used cling film for many years as I hate the stuff, always sticking to itself and not the bowl and there are so many ways you can easily keep food fresh without it. I do need to track down some wooden brushes in France and also some glass pump action bottles (I can get plastic ones and reuse old ones but the pump action only seems to have a limited lifespan).
    A useful and informative post to add to #GoingGreen – thank youf or once again joining in.

  4. We have done some of those already! I like the clingflim alternative, going to go and have a look at that one!

  5. This is a great post, thank you! I also like the goodtobee beeswax wraps to replace clingfilm. I’m going to give your instructions for making your own cleaning products a go too x

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