7 Ways You can Reduce Your Household Waste

Reduce your household waste

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If you are looking to turn your home into a greener and more sustainable abode, you will need to get all family members on board.

Next time you are thinking about making your home greener and less of a burden on the environment, sit down with your kids and partner and have a discussion about what you can change to reduce the waste your home produces. You don’t have to start big; small changes in your daily routine and decor can make a huge difference.

7 Ways You Can Reduce Your Household Waste

Below are seven ways that you can reduce your household waste.

Sustainable home


Instead of throwing things away, you will need to make the most out of the lifecycle of the products and household items you own. You can upcycle your own furniture or buy some used, cheap quality items to complete your project on.

An old bathroom shelf can be turned into a handy storage in your garage, and you can use your old car tyres that would otherwise end up at the landfill sites to plant vegetables or hold your upcycled outdoor table. Get creative, and you will find that you will soon run out of things to get rid of.

upcycle reduce waste

Give Away

If you are doing home improvements, you don’t have to get rid of everything through house clearances. Instead, find a new home for your furniture and items in the local charity shop.

If you have electrical equipment, you might be able to give it away. Most charities will do the PAT testing themselves, so all you need to do is take your old items down there. You can also donate your old blankets and throws to animal shelters and charities, and the duvets you no longer use to homeless shelters.


It is important that you understand that every time you buy single-use items you are increasing your environmental impact and your carbon footprint. Instead of giving your kids plastic bottles of water or juice for lunch, you can invest in a biodegradable plastic bottle that they can use every day.

There are some sturdy models out there that are not only practical but also look great. Instead of a plastic lunch box, opt for a green one that can be recycled after it reached the end of its life.

Personally, we use *Klean Kanteen and *Built New York stainless steel water bottles. They are both great!

Built New York water bottles

Say No to Plastic

You will need to be strict with yourself and your kids when it comes to plastic use. Never leave the house without a reusable and sustainable shopping bag. In fact, you can have a few in the boot of your car just in case, so you don’t have to buy the expensive plastic ones. Take your coffee cup to the shop to be refilled, instead of buying the expensive plastic or polystyrene designs.

Sustainable Materials

When it comes to household items, loads of our furniture ends up in landfill. Think about the fire resistant sofas. Of course, you would like to feel safe and comfortable, but you don’t want to create tons of waste.

The good news is that there are some sustainable materials that can replace normal filling of cushions and duvet inserts, so you don’t have to feel guilty whenever you are investing in your home’s soft furnishings.

Sustainable swaps for your home a free guide by Gina Caro of Gypsy Soul


No matter how small your garden and home is, there is nearly always space for a composting bin. You can put one right outside of your kitchen, and if you only have a few scrapes and peels to put in, you will get away with a small bin in the window.

composting at home

You might want to buy sustainable tea bags with biodegradable pouches, so you can compost them safely. You can use the compost to make your gardening more sustainable and eliminate the need for artificial and synthetic fertilisers.

Buy Without Packaging

We use so much packaging for no reason. While some supermarkets have recently pledged to reduce the amount of plastic and polystyrene they use for their products, after you come home from your weekly shopping, you might notice that you end up filling up your bin with plastic wrappers and other non-recyclable materials.

package free food shopping

Chances are that there is a farm shop within a couple of miles from your home, where you can get fresh cuts of meat and all the vegetables you need without the packaging. The farm shop in the picture above is our local one. It’s where I buy all of our fruit and vegetables package-free and contrary to popular belief it’s no more expensive than the supermarkets. 

I use my reusable produce bags to bring everything home.

Reusable shopping bags by Boobalou

Switching from a regular modern life to a sustainable one is a journey. Make a plan and don’t be discouraged if you are not making a big enough change first. Even small things can make a huge difference, and once you got used to new habits, you can start your next project.

What about you? Do you do any of the above to reduce your household waste? 

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