8 Ways to Sell Unwanted Goods and Make Extra Cash

8 Ways to Sell Unwanted Goods and Make Extra Cash

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This year I am determined to save even more money than we did last year. We tried all sorts of different ways last year, some of them worked and some did not! The great thing about running a weekly thrifty linky is all of the fabulous posts that get linked up each week full of new ideas of ways to save.

One of the fastest ways we’ve made some quick cash is by selling any unwanted items that we have lying around the house. There are several ways that we have sold unwanted goods in the past, these include the following…

  • Car boot sales
  • Online sites such as *musicMagpie for selling CD’s, DVD’s, Games etc
  • Shpock app -Read my review here
  • Sell your old printer ink cartridges on sites such as The Recycling Factory
  • Using local selling sites on Facebook
  • Sell on Ebay and send the items using companies such as TNT Direct
  • Going to high street shops such as CEX to sell old video games
  • Using *Preloved to sell your unwanted furniture & household items
Image Credit: Jonny Hughes

Image Credit: Jonny Hughes

We sell everything that we no longer need from kiddies toys to clothes we no longer wear. I love the fact that we are not only making a bit of extra cash but also stopping the items going to landfill. It’s a win, win situation.

Thrifty Thursday

If you know of any other places for selling second-hand items that I have missed I’d love to know about them and if you like to save money yourself please do join in with my Thrifty Thursday linky. It runs every week and everyone is welcome as long as the posts are about saving money.

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8 Ways to Sell Unwanted Goods and Make Extra Cash

Gina Caro

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10 thoughts on “8 Ways to Sell Unwanted Goods and Make Extra Cash”

  1. I have to throw so many things this week as its our annual house agent visit and I just need extra space so that the agent can move around esp in our storage.

    But I still have so many items that I just cant throw and I am wishing that its car boot sale season already. We went a visit to one regular cat boot sale in a place near us but theres not a lot of buyers when its winter months. I am waiting till its spring at least.

    I really need tips for how to do these things so thanks for sharing this =) #pocolo

    1. I love car boot sales although I’ve had to limit how many I go to as most of the time I end up buying stuff rather than selling which completely defeats the object.

  2. Car boot sales arevery popular in France (Called Vide Greniers which translates as empty your loft) and we generally do one a year to sell stuff. France also has a brilliant website called LeBonCoin (The Good Corner) and you can sell absolutely anything legal on the site. We advertise the gite on there, have bought and sold animals and as well as a million and one other things. It’s fabulous.

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