A Touch of the Wild

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Last weekend we were invited along to an event run by A Touch of the Wild. They are a forest school company in Devon. Both of our kiddies used to go to forest school twice a week before they started school, I think they both miss it. They always used to come home covered head to toe in mud proudly clutching their latest woodland inspired artwork. 

The A Touch of the Wild Camp

A Touch of the Wild have recently relocated to a new site not far from Exeter, they used to be based at Haldon Forest. The new site is at Grammar Coombe Woods in the Ashcombe Estate.

They are available for children’s parties, school & college visits, team building, adult & family events, toddler groups and Summer holiday clubs.

A Touch of the Wild Exeter

A Touch of the Wild

Wild In the Woods

The kiddies had great fun exploring the new site. We roasted chestnuts, pumpkins seeds and marshmallows on the fire. They checked out the badger’s den and went wild on the play park.


Roasting Chestnuts

A Touch of the Wild Badgers Den

Play Park in the Woods

I thought the homemade play park was fantastic! They had swings made out of boat fenders, a trampoline made from netting and hammocks. There was also a mud kitchen and a composting toilet which my daughter couldn’t quite get her head around and worried that she would fall through the hole.

Touch of the Wild camp

Touch of the Wild play park

A Touch of the Wild

We had a really lovely afternoon at the Touch of the Wild event and it made me realise how much my kiddies miss their forest school.

A Touch of the Wild

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10 thoughts on “A Touch of the Wild”

    1. I think it’s a brillant idea for a kiddies party. I could probably get away with my daughters birthday as it’s in the Autumn but my son’s is in the middle of Winter. Might be a bit nippy for them all. Thanks for stopping by Karen 🙂

  1. Wow, your photography!! What a beautiful place to go with the little ones, a team building event would be great fun…. Forget the children actually, I want to build a den and frolic in my wellies

  2. Thanks for coming to our Launch Party Gina, we had a great time and are glad to hear you all did too. Lovely photos! Could we use some for our website please? Now that your two are at school, they are welcome to come to our Woodland Adventure Club during school holidays (Easter – October) and spend all day messing around in the woods with us.
    See you here again soon 🙂

    1. Thank you for inviting us!
      Yes please do use my photos, I have a few more I’ll email them over to you.

      The Woodland adventure club sounds right up their street 🙂

  3. I didn’t discover this until my daughter was just starting school and she would have loved it. I would definitely consider booking for a birthday party though 🙂

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