Achieve A Minimalistic Look With Window Blinds

Minimalist home design

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When anyone thinks of a modern and minimalist home, they often think of a streamlined & stylish design. No cluttering accessories or clunky silhouettes. The result is a clutter-free, clean and spacious ambience which has a huge amount of function.

So, you’re probably wondering how do I use window blinds to achieve a minimalistic look? Well below are a few ideas on how you can go about creating this amazing look…

Roller Blinds – Keep Rolling With The Times

Roller blinds are 99% of the time a length of styled fabric attached into a roller type mechanism which allows for the adjustment of the blind to different heights. Allowing for a huge amount of control when it comes to the amount of light coming into the room.

Minimalistic home

Being extremely popular window treatments as they allow a great amount of privacy and reduction of glare from the exterior of your home. There are usually 3 types of blinds available, mainly being down to the type and thickness you choose. The main types being sheer, light filtering and blackout.

The modern design of the roller blind means that they are great for use in a minimalist interior. With a number of colours, patterns and even prints to choose from. Available in a number of sizes and styles, you can find the perfect roller blind to install in your modern interior.

If you are wanting to make a statement in your room then you will want to use a bold colour or print, but if you’re wanting a more zen style, you can’t go wrong with a white blind.

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Classic Yet Timeless – Venetian Blinds

Being the classic blind that comes to everyone’s mind, the Venetian blind has been around for a number of years. But, as the blind has evolved over time, they have become more fitting in a modern and minimalist interior.

If you select the right slat size, colour and material, you can really make a wood blind give that contemporary feel. It gives the environmental feel that a drape or curtain simply can’t match.

Achieve A Minimalistic Look

Metal Venetians can really help to achieve an avant-garde look, especially if you have an urban style to your decor already. The most common metal used within the metal Venetian blind is aluminium, the reason being that it is lightweight and durable. With a stunningly beautiful finish when it has been polished to the correct shine level.

If correctly maintained aluminium blinds can last for several years, available in a number of different colours, sizes and designs. This means that you can find the right style and colour to fit your minimalist interior look.

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Vertical Blinds Can Be Sophisticated?

Simple, clean and elegant. Three words that are most commonly used when describing vertical blinds. These blinds are made up of a simple headrail with vertical slats, instead of the horizontal slats, you will find on Venetian blinds.

Vertical blinds for the home

Rather than installing curtains, try adding a set of vertical blinds to help bring a minimalistic and modern look to your room’s interior. These are a great blind to consider if you have large spaces of glass, patio doors and even in your conservatory.

Helping to give you a huge amount of control over the light entering your room, as well as controlling the privacy you have in your room by simply tilting the slats slightly. They can also help to reduce the amount of heat lost during those cold winter months and stop any unwanted sunlight during the summer time.

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With all the styles of window blinds mentioned above, they will help you to achieve a minimalistic look. Matching your blinds with your decor is extremely important and can really help to give you the minimal modern look you are trying to achieve.

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