Before You Were Born

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I have been tagged in this fun ‘Before You Were Born’ meme by Chantelle over at Mama Mummy Mum.

The idea is to look back on the days before children and remember the things that you use to get up to. Having had children fairly young, (Henry was born when I was 23) that only really leaves my teenage years without children.

What Is Your Favourite Holiday Destination And Why?

One of the most memorable holidays that I have ever had was when I went to Italy when I was 21. Well, I say holiday but it wasn’t really as I was working over there on a strawbale house.

Straw Bale House - Italy

I was there with a group of other people that were all Italian and no one spoke English! We communicated mainly through body language which was interesting!

The only toilet on the site was a composting toilet in the garden that looked out over the river and had no door on it!

Composting Toilet in Italy

The best day that I had out there was when I went to Venice for the day, all on my own.


It really was an amazing place, with so much to see, I can’t wait to go back one day with the other half.


What Is Your Funniest Memory Pre-Children?

This is a tough one, there have been quite a few funny moments, it’s really hard to think of just one.

What Was Your Favourite Thing To Do In The Evening?

This is an easy one… Go up the pub!

Just being able to just go up there whenever you felt like it and not have to worry about putting someone to bed, cooking them dinner or organising a babysitter. These days going out for the evening is a full-scale military operation.

What Hobbies Do You Have That You Can No Longer Do?

Before I had kiddies I use to play basketball for South East England, I do miss playing although I don’t think my body would cope with it these days!

A Few Pre-Children Pics

pre children life

What Do You Think You Took For Granted Before Having Children?

Where do I start with this one, here’s a few to get started with…

Getting out the front door in under 15 minutes


Going out in the evening, without thinking about it

Going to a supermarket without a screaming toddler

Sitting in the daytime

Being able to wallow in a hangover in peace

Watching tv in the daytime

Having a bath/shower in peace

and going to the toilet without an audience!

So to sum up PEACE.

So there you have it a brief look at life before children.  I wouldn’t change them for the world.


 and now to tag some fellow parent bloggers in this meme…

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6 thoughts on “Before You Were Born”

  1. Love this post, it sounds like you had a LOT of fun pre-kids! Your Italian adventure sounds awesome, it’s amazing how easily you can communicate without talking if needs be. Totally with you on your list of things you took for granted… how divine would it be to leave the house in under 15 mins!! Thanks for the tag too 🙂

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