Big Design Plans for Our New Garden

Garden After

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We moved into our brand new home 2 years ago and it has taken us that long just to get the inside looking remotely how we’d like it. It’s hard with a brand new house as you literally have to start from scratch; there are no curtain poles, no toilet roll holders, there wasn’t even any shelves in the airing cupboard. Money that I would have preferred to spend on the nice decorative bits like new mirrors, wallpaper and lamps initially all went on the boring bits, I mean how excited can you get about a toilet roll holder?

Now we have got most of the internal decorating out of the way I now plan to focus on the garden. Ideally we’d like a multi purpose space which we can all enjoy. The adults need space for outside entertaining, the kiddies need an area for their trampoline and the dog also needs an area to do his business! I also like to grow my own food but so far my efforts have been futile as the puppy digs up anything I plant. I could really do with a separate space that is fenced off so he can’t get to it. There is nothing more soul destroying than spending months nurturing and growing something only to find that the dog has eaten it at the last minute!

We made a start on the garden last Summer by putting in turf, laying decking and creating a separate area for the trampoline to go on.

This is what our garden looked like when we first moved in…


Garden before

Garden before

and this is what it looks like now…


New Garden

We still have quite a way to go but at least we now have somewhere to eat outside and the kiddies have their area.

I have been watching Phil’s Spencers latest series called Home Hero and I particularly liked this episode where they transformed a back garden in very little time and without spending too much money. It just shows what can be done even in a small space.

For your Garden

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