Black Friday? No It’s #JustFriday

Black Friday

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Over the last two weeks, my inbox has been flooded with companies wanting me to promote their ‘not to be missed, Black Friday’ deals. Now although I do love a bargain I can safely say that I do not agree with Black Friday.

The videos that came out last year of people literally stampeding through the shop doors to be the first in made me feel sick. People got hurt, there were fights over TV’s, it was completely insane.

“The Black Friday frenzy is now a symbol of commercial competition, of aggression, and of thoughtlessness” – Traidcraft

Here are some Black Friday stats for you…

  • Black Friday is now celebrated by 1 in 3 around the world
  • £7 billion will be spent between Black Friday and Cyber Monday
  • Only 30% of us keep and use all Christmas gifts
  • 1 in 10 people take the day off work to devote to Black Friday deal-hunting
  • 24% of purchases are just based on impulse and hype
  • 87% of people receive at least one unwanted gift

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It’s JustFriday

A company called Traidcraft are running their fourth #JustFriday campaign this year. Traidcraft is shining a light for meaningful shopping and thoughtful gifting, and reminding everyone that despite the chaos – it’s #JustFriday.’

‘#JustFriday is all about buying with thought and love, instead of succumbing to the notion of competition, aggression and thoughtlessness.’

#JustFriday They want to encourage people to stop and really think about the gifts that they are giving this year. It’s all about being a mindful shopper. Why contribute to a cluttered world with more meaningless stuff that’ll likely be thrown away?’

We as consumers completely underestimate the power that we hold. If we don’t buy they don’t make money it’s as simple as that and believe me they want to make money. By buying sustainable, organic or ethically made products you have the power to show the manufacturers that you won’t stand for anything less than the best.

Mindless consumerism has reached an all-time high. We now live in a throwaway world. If we want to create a better future for the next generation than something has to change. Even small changes can have a big impact. How about shopping with thought and buying with love? 

#JustFriday campaign

You can find out more about the JustFriday campaign on the Traidcraft website.

If you want to learn more about how, when and why our consumerism got out of control then I’d recommend watching The Story of Stuff.

Easier Said Than Done

I know from experience that it is easy to succumb to the hype. Everyone is talking about the deals they’ve got. Black Friday offers are all over social media. It’s a natural human reaction to feel like we are missing out. We’re not part of the tribe.

Sometimes being the one that says no is hard but change always starts small. If you didn’t need it in the first place then it’s never a ‘good deal’.

Want to be part of JustFriday? Join the twitter chat using the #JustFriday hashtag. 

Gina Caro

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2 thoughts on “Black Friday? No It’s #JustFriday”

  1. Hi, I found your blog recently, and am really enjoying it! I completely agree, Black Friday is just awful. I have ‘celebrated’ it in the past by buying a few things here and there, but not any more. When you make a decision not to bow to the pressure to consume, it feels great! Thanks for the post…

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