Blogging Goals for 2016

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It’s 2016 already, where does the time go? It’s that time of year when we all start reassessing our lives and how we might improve them in the coming year. As well as personal goals for the coming year I also have some new blogging goals. Today I thought I’d write them down so I know what I want to focus on.


Blogging Goals

A Complete Rebrand

After talking about it for well over a year now I’m finally ready to take the plunge and completely rebrand my blog including new name, new design, the whole sherbang. In reality  I outgrew my blog name years ago when our youngest came out of nappies and I no longer feel that it reflects what I write about. My blog started out mainly as a parenting blog but over the last 4 years it has evolved to include a lot more lifestyle and thrift posts.

Although a complete rebrand scares me I feel it’s time to make the change. I hope you will bear with me while I make the necessary changes and I also hope you will like the new look.

Improve My Photography

The next area of my blog that I really want to work on is my photography. We invested in a fantastic camera a few years ago and I’m still only using it in auto mode. I plan to learn how to use it properly to take full advantage of all the settings it has. There are lots of great photography courses that you can take online these days so I think I’ll give that a go. I’ve got my eye on this course at the moment as it’s currently only £16. Bargain!


Double My Income

Over the past four years I have invested a lot of time and money into my blog. It really is a labour of love and for a good year I worked for free. Since then I have started making money from my blog but I still feel there is room for improvement.

Have a Plan!

So far I feel I have sort of played at blogging. I started my blog one night while I was bored. I had very limited knowledge of computers, hosting, web design or really anything blogging related. I have had to learn everything as I’ve gone along which when I look back on it, has been really hard work! My plan this year is to be more focused and have specific goals that I want to achieve within a certain time frame. I’m hoping this more structured approach will keep me focused and enable me to manage my time better.

There you have it my blogging goals for 2016. What about you? What do you hope to achieve with your blog by the end of this year?

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17 thoughts on “Blogging Goals for 2016”

    1. I have already done a few courses with them and I think they’re brilliant! Can’t beat the price of that photography one either.

  1. Hayleigh budgetfoodmummy

    I’m looking forward to seeing your rebrand! I have given myself a few blogging goals:
    Photography, my photos really are a bit rubbish sometimes!
    Go self-hosted, I’m really rubbish at computer stuff so I’ve been putting it off for ages.
    Comment more on blog posts that I read, I read them but never comment!!
    Hopefully get some paid work in the future!

    1. Thank you Hayleigh, I’m desperate to get the rebrand done now but I’ve just got to be patient which I’m not very good at. You should definitely make the move to self hosted, it’s not nearly as bad as you think it will be. Plus there is always lots of other bloggers out there that are willing to offer free advice which can be very helpful .

  2. I’m still very new to blogging but loving the feeling once ive gotten everything off my chest! Id love to be at the point where you are in a few years and bringing in an income from blogging x

    1. I love blogging, it’s become such a huge part of my life now. I can’t imagine ever not doing it. You will get there, just keep doing what you’re doing, it takes time but it’s so worth it in the end 🙂

  3. Taking a photography course is a fab idea! When I got my ‘big’ camera, that really helped me get so much more out of it. I took a course with Frui, just a few hours but it really helped. Great goals for 2016, good luck!

  4. nourishingmyscholar

    All great blogging goals. I have not set any blogging goals for this year yet…I probably should. Most days I feel accomplished if the kids are clothed and fed, I’m still sane and I managed a couple of great pictures (kidding…not kidding). Good luck in this new year! #SharewithMe

  5. Oh I love the idea of a blogging plan. It’s like a business and a personal plan together. I have one this year as my second year of blogging I really want to up my game. Thank you so much for linking up to Share With Me blog hop. I hope to see you again this week for another great round. #sharewithme

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