Who Shook Hook & Dazzling Princesses Board Games Review

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I don’t know about you but the school holidays freak me out! I spend a good few weeks prior to them irrationally panicking about how I’m going to entertain the two of them for all that time.

I was particularly worried about the recent Easter holidays as we were also trying to move house and I knew that we wouldn’t have any internet or TV for quite a while (my main backup plan when the kids go really wild).

Board Games Review

However, luckily I was contacted by Esdevium Games and they asked if we would like to try out a few of their board games, so naturally I jumped at the chance.

Board Games

They sent us two games Who Shook Hook and Dazzling Princess which were met with squeals of delight from both of the kiddies.

Who Shook Hook Board Game

We played the *Jake and The Neverland Pirates Who Shook Hook Board Game first…

Who Shook Hook - Jake and the neverland pirates

The aim of the game is to get all of the treasure off the hammock using the tools provided without knocking off sleeping Hook.

Who Shook Hook board game

Both of the kids really enjoyed this game although Henry didn’t enjoy losing very much so in the end they just role played their own game with the figures and the sleeping hook for the rest of the morning. I was amazed at how long it held their attention for.

Who Shook Hook board game

Buy it here! *Who Shook Hook Board Game

Dazzling Princesses Game

In the afternoon we got out the *Disney Princess Dazzling Princess Board Game.

Dazzling Princess Disney Game

I wasn’t sure whether Henry would want to play this one as it’s a bit ‘pink’ but I needn’t have worried as he got stuck right in…

Dazzling Princess Game

With this game each player gets a crown, a bracelet and a ring, you then take it in turns to pull out a magic card…

Dazzling Princess Game

Each card has a picture on it and you have to guess which Princess it is. The answer can then be found on the back but you can only see it by placing the magic heart over it.

Dazzling Princess Game

If you guess the right princess then you get a jewel which you attach to either your crown, ring or bracelet. The first person to fill up their jewellery wins the game.

Dazzling Princess Disney game

Buy it here! *Disney Princess Dazzling Princess Board Game

I was generally really impressed with both of the games. They were fantastic quality and the kiddies are still playing with them now.

Board Games Review - Who Shook Hook & Dazzling Princesses Games


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  1. Oh, my goodness, the kids are having so much fun! Thanks for letting us know about Esdevium Games! 🙂 #PoCoLo