Can An Older Home Become More Eco-Friendly?

How to make old houses more eco friendly

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Watching Grand Designs can feel like torture sometimes. Those amazing homes being envisaged and brought to life can definitely turn you green with envy. What’s most amazing about some of these homes is just how eco-friendly they are. The possibilities to create a greener home from scratch are enormous, with so many ways you can create a more sustainable place to live.

But is the same true for older homes? It can be difficult to make adjustments to an older home, but there are ways to make it greener – something that will save you money and cut down on your household waste too. Can an older home become more eco-friendly? Here are some ways to make it happen.


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Fix any damage that’s losing you heat

An older home can suffer from several issues that could be losing you heat. Damp is one problem that makes your home colder, while also causing damage to surfaces. Meanwhile, draughts are another thing that could be losing heat and driving up your energy bills. Using energy-saving tips in older homes is a great way to save you money and fix any issues that have been causing you problems.

Make old new again

If you’re unsure of how you can make your home more eco-friendly, then it doesn’t hurt to seek some expert help. Architects can transform your home, adding features you’d never even thought were possible. Take a look at the work of contemporary architects to see case studies of the work they’ve done. You don’t have to completely demolish your home to build something new again – an extension or a change to your exterior could help bring new greener properties to your home.

Add solar panels

Solar panels aren’t just suitable for new homes – they can work with older homes too. Adding some solar panels to your home requires an initial investment, but the rewards will be worth it over time as you save money and provide greener energy for your home. You can even get solar panels from Ikea – making it easier than ever to benefit from the power of solar energy!


Solar panels for your home


Install a smart home system

While you might not be able to make huge structural changes to your home to make it more sustainable, you can change the things you do inside your home to make it greener. A smart home system is a great example, as it will help you to reduce your energy usage while making it easier to manage your home. Set your washing machine, turn off all the lights and control your heating from wherever you are. Choose the right smart thermostat for your home and start saving energy.


Smart home energy monitor


Creating an eco-friendly home relies on several different factors, and you don’t need a brand new home to make it work. From making adjusting your daily habits to building better insulation for your home, even the smallest changes can create a greener home.

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