Cash For Your Clutter Challenge

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Having a Clear-Out!

This major clear out that I’m currently undertaking is taking much longer than I anticipated. It would be going a lot faster if I was just throwing everything away but I really don’t want to do that!

A lot of it is still good stuff that could be used again by someone else. I literally cannot bear the thought of something going into the bin that could be reused. Dam you eco-conscious side of my brain! I have now ramped it up a gear or two as I really want the clear out to be completed before Christmas as we have about 14 guests staying with us. No pressure!

Cash For Your Clutter

I recently took part in the Cash For Your Clutter Challenge. It involved clearing out my wardrobe and filling as many of the declutter bags as I could.  The items were then collected from my home and sent off to charity.

I received £4 per bag which isn’t a huge amount but it saved me the agro of trying to list and sell the clothes on a selling site and also the clothes went to charity.

The whole challenge was organised by the company Bedroom Storage Maker. I enjoyed taking part as they offered both charity donations and payment! That’s a win-win if you ask me.

Personally, I only managed to fill two sacks as I had already had a major clear out not long before but every little bit helps towards living a simpler, clutter-free life right?

Bedroom Storage Maker are challenging you to de-clutter your wardrobe and give to charity


‘Do you have items of clothing you no longer wear? Past fashion trends? Clothes that are too small or too big? Things you only wore once?

On average every UK female only wears 70% of their wardrobe. With an average of 144 items of clothing per wardrobe that equates to 43 unworn items! 

Bedroom Storage Maker are challenging you to declutter your wardrobe, give to charity and get paid!’

Take a look at these statistics on clothes waste kindly provided by Bedroom Storage Maker provider of wardrobe storage systems


Bedroom Storage Maker provider of wardrobe storage systems

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