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Do you already feel that you are well on your way to living a more sustainable lifestyle? Want to take it to the eco-warrior level? These posts are for you.

travel by coach and reduce your carbon footprint

Reduce Your Carbon Footprint: Travel By Coach

Whenever we travel by some form of motorised vehicle, whether that be by car, bus, train or plane, there is always a carbon footprint involved.

When you use one of the free online carbon footprint calculators if you add in any form of travel your personal carbon footprint immediately shoots up. There are ways you can reduce this with things like carbon offsetting or choosing a more energy efficient mode of transport.Read More »Reduce Your Carbon Footprint: Travel By Coach

Power your home with renewable energy

5 Best Ways to Power your Home with Renewable Energy

Back in my uni days, I was studying for my Masters in Environmental Architecture & Energy, because of this I often get asked my opinion on the best renewable energy systems to use.

Renewable energy has come a long way over the years. Previously reserved for the wealthy or the ‘off griders’. Now getting your energy from renewable resources is becoming far more common. This is emphasised even more by the various green home incentive schemes available today. These include green grants provided by local councils.Read More »5 Best Ways to Power your Home with Renewable Energy