Zero Waste Food

zero waste food

A selection of posts on zero waste food including using up leftovers, composting and food shopping without plastic.

Bug Bakes - Eco Treats for Dogs

Bug Bakes – Eco Treats for Dogs

This is a collaborative post with Bug Bakes

It’s no secret that livestock farming contributes to global warming. Without going into too much detail or getting too technical animals produce methane (when they burp or fart).

Methane is 84 times more potent than carbon dioxide and speeds up the Greenhouse Effect. As we are consuming more and more meat we need more animals. More animals means more methane. Read More »Bug Bakes – Eco Treats for Dogs

10 uses for leftover green tea leaves

10 Uses for Leftover Green Tea Leaves

My tea obsession is no secret and pretty well documented. One thing I discovered during Zero Waste Week is I throw a lot of used green tea leaves into the compost. I know some people reuse tea bags and the leaves to make more than one cup but I don’t see the point in that as all of the health benefits from the tea come out in the first boil. I wanted to look into other ways that you can reuse tea leaves. Read More »10 Uses for Leftover Green Tea Leaves