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Decluttering your entire life is a tiresome journey. I find I have days when I’m really productive and get rid of bin bags full of items. I then have other days when I look around me and feel like crying. 

Clear out unwanted items and make money It is definitely a marathon, not a sprint. Our decluttering has ramped up big time now to the point where I’m giving away carloads of unwanted things. I spend a lot of my time cursing the day we moved into a big house. We filled it to the brim with unnecessary stuff which I’m now having to find new homes for.

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This week I have started to tackle the ‘big stuff’. I mean stuff that is still worth money so I want to sell it and see if I can get some money back on it rather than give it away. I feel now is the perfect time to do this with the run-up to Christmas.

Depending on what you are getting rid of there are certain places that you can sell them. Below is a selection of different places that we have used or have been recommended to us by friends.

Online Second-Hand Selling Sites

These days there are lots of different online selling sites. Some of the ones I use are the Facebook marketplace, Facebook selling groups, Shpock, eBay and Preloved.

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online selling sites

Car Boot Sales 

If you are having a mammoth clear out then a car boot might be your best option. Although you won’t get the best price for your old items you do have the potential to get rid of a lot of stuff in one go.

make money at car boot sales

Auction House 

If you find any items that you feel are worth a lot of money then an auction house would be your best bet. Companies such as BPI Auctions are easy to use, you simply get in contact with them and discuss your requirements. Most auction companies have different options available to suit your needs.

sell your unwanted good at an auction house

Cd’s, Dvd’s, Books & Clothes 

For specific items such as cd’s book’s and clothes in the past, I have used sites such as MusicMagpie. I had a huge collection of DVDs and managed to get £75 for them. You can also find high street stores where you can sell your DVDs and CDs (used) such as CEX.

If you have any old books that you feel may be worth money then an auction house may be a good option instead.

sell your old books

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If you don’t want to sell your clothes then charity shops are always looking for stock and you get to help a good cause too.

Old Phones & Gadgets

For electronic items, there are lots of different companies online that will buy your old gadgets. I know some people that have used We Buy Any Phone to sell their old mobiles, although I haven’t used them myself. I’ve just had a quick look and my old iPhone 4s is worth £10. Not a huge amount but every penny counts right?

Alternatively, you give your old phones to a charity and they get money for them. I know that Oxfam supports this as well as other charities.

sell your own phone

Empty Ink Cartridges

If you have any empty ink cartridges you can sell them to companies such as The Recycling Centre who buy and sell cartridges. As an added bonus you can also get up to 125 green Tesco Clubcard points too!

How do you make money from your unwanted goods? 

Gina Caro

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