Creating a Fruit Garden with Rocket Gardens

Create a Fruit Garden

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Every year we grow our own vegetables mostly in our garden but also in the past at the allotment. I have tried quite a few different types now and I’ve certainly worked out which ones are easy to grow and which are not.

This year I have stuck to the easy ones, tomatoes, cucumbers, courgette, potatoes and salad. However, now that I have my fancy new pop-up greenhouse I’m also attempting peppers and rhubarb which I have never had any success with in the past. I’m hoping that the heat of the greenhouse will help.

Grow your own food

Fruit Garden

One thing that I haven’t really attempted to grow in the past is fruit, well apart from strawberries which are incredibly easy to grow and require very little attention. So this year I thought I would try my hand at creating a fruit garden, with the help of Rocket Gardens.

Rocket Gardens

They’re a company quite local to us, based in Cornwall. They have these fantastic fruit garden packs that you can buy which come complete with your new fruit plants and all of the instructions on how to grow each one.

Fruit gardens by post from Rocket Gardens

I opted for the compact fruit garden pack as the space that I have allocated for the new plants isn’t very big. My pack contain the following…

Strawberry Runners, Red Currant, Gooseberry, Raspberry, Blackcurrant and the Rhubarb. It cost £29.99.

Attempting to create our own fruit garden

My Plans for my Fruit Garden

Now that the weather has finally improved I have managed to get all of the plants into the ground. It’s now just a case of waiting to see what happens. Hopefully, I have done it right. This is the area of land that I have earmarked for the job, it’s a patch that runs along the side of our house. Please ignore all of the weeds and tufts of grass they are the next job on my list.

Grow you own fruit garden with Rocket Gardens

Fruit Garden

As you can see it currently serves no real purpose other than being a home to random shrubs and getting loads of weeds in it which I seem to spend my life pulling out. I’d much rather use the space for growing things that we can eat. I’m just hoping that the fruit plants like their new home.

Fruit garden

Grow your own fruit garden


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3 thoughts on “Creating a Fruit Garden with Rocket Gardens”

  1. Joy | Yummy Seconds

    The garden pack of your garden fruit pack sounds wonderful especially the raspberry, strawberry. There’s nothing like fresh fruit from your backyard. Thanks so much for sharing. I appreciate you stopping by the blog.

    1. I love growing and eating our own food. If I had my way I’d get rid of the grass and cover the garden in raised beds. Don’t think the other half or the kiddies would be too impressed though 😉

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