Home Decorating Ideas: What’s Your Favourite?

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Taste is subjective and home furniture choices say a lot about your personality, but below are five styles currently sweeping through British homes that might conjure up some inspiration.

Decadent Glamour

With the Art Deco era as inspiration, Hollywood glamour is achieved by taking glossy blacks or strong, dark browns as accents. This effect works really well on floors, against white walls, complemented by large, eye-catching or even pomp works of art. Shiny metallic touches can be added in all forms, including furniture. Don’t shy away from gold or silver tones, as these will emphasise the eccentricity that this style represents.

Literary Charm

Imagine going to the theatre to watch a Victorian drama and now consider such a scene in your living room. This looks wonderfully charming if done correctly. Think of large bookshelves filled with dusty tomes, noble portraits watching over you on the walls and a globe on the coffee table showing that you are a true academic.

The colour for the walls should be a grey or navy blue; nothing too strong, as it is the subtle details in this style that are to be the centre of attention. Motifs of top hats, moustaches and pipes will add to the aesthetic and furniture should be antique, or in that style, with neutral colours.

Image by Aleksey Gnilenkov

Image by Aleksey Gnilenkov used under the Creative Comms licence

Colour Shock

Strong, even blinding, colours are the name of the game for this one. Clashing colours are the way to proceed with this, but avoid using more than four, as otherwise it will step over the boundaries of human tolerance.

Minimalism is the second step, by keeping a tidy room with only the bare essentials. A stylish but otherwise simple sofa placed on a bright rug, a smooth coffee table, a television and a lamp or two are all that is needed. The bright colours of the furniture and accessories are best emphasised with white floors and walls.

Home decorating ideas

Going in Circles

If the prospect of nothing but circles frightens you, then this style should probably be avoided. Sixties inspired circles are the only noteworthy shape in this theme, which includes rugs, sofas, lamps, tables and decorations.

While not as colour happy as the previous trend, there should be bright circular hues sticking out from a grey or otherwise neutral background. This is a style that does not take itself too seriously, so feel free to experiment with anything circular.

In the Tropics

Go all out and show off your wild side. There is a way to add a touch of life to your chosen rooms without the home furniture getting drenched in torrential rain or having its stuffing ripped out by cheeky monkeys.

Bring in some palm trees as large as the room can cope with or have the walls covered in jungle wallpaper. Push the boat out by adding some wildlife with a terrarium; tarantulas or iguanas are always fun to keep. Avoid going completely green by adding a brightly coloured sofa and cushions.

From subtle changes to full revamps, decorating can bring a new lease of life to the home. Choose a theme to go with and have fun with it.

5 home decorating ideas


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*Photo Credit: Alvin Engler

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