Dobies of Devon Plug Plants Review

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Since we moved into our brand new home just over a year ago it seems to have taken forever just to get it vaguely looking how we want it too. The problem with a new build is you have to literally start from scratch. There are no window fittings, no toilet roll holders and your garden is just a patch of mud. We definitely underestimated how much work a new home needs. So anyway a year or so later and we are just about getting there.

The one area that is still yet to have any attention paid to it is the front garden. At present it is just grass. There is all sorts of things that I would like to do to it but time and money have prevented it from happening so far. That’s why when a local garden centre company contacted me about reviewing some of their bedding plug plants I jumped at the opportunity.

dobies of devon

‘Dobies of Devon, the choice of the keen gardener’

The company is called Dobies of Devon. They sell a huge range of plants, vegetables and also garden equipment.

dobies of devon

With the front garden in mind I ordered a mixed selection of plug bedding plants as I wasn’t really sure what to go for. I’d still class my self as a learner gardener so I didn’t want to be to ambitious with what I went for. I’d never thought of ordering plants online before so I was intrigued to see how they were going to get delivered.

You can order the plants either online or by phone 24hrs a day, 7 days a week. They can deliver packet seed to all countries within the EU. Items other than seed can only be delivered to addresses within the UK.

The plants arrived neatly packed in two boxes…

Dobies of Devon Plug Plants

They looked really healthy when they arrived and I was anxious to get them into the ground as soon as possible to try and keep them that way.

Dobies of Devon Plug Plants review

Here’s a picture of the space before the plants went in…

Dobies of Devon Plug Plants Review

and after…

Dobies of Devon Plug Plants Review

Here’s the other side before…

Dobies of Devon Plug Plants Review.

and an after shot…

Dobies of Devon Plug Plants Review

Once the plants are established and starting to grow I think it’s going to look really nice. Clearly the grass still needs a lot of love an attention. It’s never grown properly since they laid it. I’m hoping a bit of grass feed will help it along. We still have quite a way to go with the front garden but we are slowly getting there.

I also saved some of the Geranium plants and planted them in pots in the back garden.

Dobies of Devon Plug Plants Review

In all I was really happy with the service that Dobies of Devon provided. The plants were really good quality and I can’t wait to see what they are going to look like in a few weeks time.

Dobies of Devon plug plant review

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3 thoughts on “Dobies of Devon Plug Plants Review”

  1. We moved into our place last October and although it’s not a new build it needed completely decor changing, which has taken us forever. Our garden is a really sorry state, which is a shame with the weather like it is! I can’t wait to get started on mine like you have with yours! It’ll look so beautiful as the plants continue to grow! x

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