Don’t let kids wreck your home: try these tips

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Nappies, nappies everywhere, thousands of Lego bricks scattered across your floor, the interior design prowess of a fetid tramp and the energy of a lethargic sloth – being a Mum isn’t easy.

But there’s one sure-fire method to make your daily chores a smidgen easier – give your home a cracking makeover! It might sound like a lot of hard work, but there are a plenty of corners you can cut to gain an optimal house without the effort.

Here are just a few…

A cracking set of mats

Setting down new carpets is an appealing prospect for any budding Llewellyn-Bowen, but just imagine what they’ll look like a year down the line – there’ll be more ground-up food and muck from your kids than you can manage. Soon, that expensive carpet will look mangier than a flea-bitten mutt.

Instead of dazzling new carpets, invest in some solid mats from The Mat Factory. Completely machine-washable, you’ll be able to enjoy the luxury of new flooring without having to worry about the mess your kids are making.

Image Credit: Matt Walker (Flickr)

Image Credit: Matt Walker (Flickr)

A vivacious palette

Your little sprogs don’t want to see the grey and beige palette you’ve got in mind for your living room. They want bright, exciting colours that will pop like fireworks in their mind. And such exposure to a broad palette will aid them in their cognitive development.

Populate your home with deep reds, enjoyable oranges and other colours to help your child’s mind flourish. They won’t realise it, but your interior design choices could turn them into little Einsteins.

Image Credit: Dean Hochman (Flickr)

Image Credit: Dean Hochman (Flickr)

A cracking kitchen

You might be knackered, but it’s nothing that a hearty meal won’t sort out. Yet, without a decent kitchen, your Nigella-style culinary perfection will never be allowed to develop.

To avoid infant-overload, make your kitchen a child-free zone and keep it as neat as you can. Invest in high-quality pots, pans and utensils, and make sure your white goods are top of the range.

With a dream kitchen, you’ll be able to rustle up appetising meals that your kids will love.

Image Credit: Didriks Flickr

Image Credit: Didriks Flickr

Be free of the sprogs

The sprogs are finally in bed, peace is reigning, but you’ve still got a home that’s a cross between a rubbish tip and a bomb site.

What, you cry, is the solution? Clear out that spare room and craft yourself a child-free zone.

Fill it with a comfy chair, your favourite hobbies and relaxing tunes to help you unwind from the stresses of the day. Decorate it with warm, soothing colours and you’ll be able to drift off in absolute comfort.

Keep the kids out and you’ll have a retreat that won’t suffer from their mess.

Image Credit: Jamie Neely

Image Credit: Jamie Neely


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2 thoughts on “Don’t let kids wreck your home: try these tips”

  1. David Coulson-Lowes

    Great tips. We found that a play mat (ideally one with a waterproof backing) was a god send. One with pictures on or a road outline for playing with cars. At the end of the day you just grab the corners and put it and it’s contents into the cupboard. Then its grown-up time!

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