Easter Crafts for Little Artists

Easter Crafts for Little Artists

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The Easter holidays are not too far away now, it won’t be long before that cute and fluffy rabbit comes and hides gifts of chocolate eggs all over your home. But when you and the kids are all chocolate-ed out what are you going to do with yourselves?


Here are a few fun Easter crafts ideas:

Easter Bonnets


When you were little did you partake in an Easter bonnet parade at school? Well, why not hold your own at home with the kids and their friends.


Everyone gets a basic hat and a load of craft supplies before making their own millinery masterpiece. If you can try and find secondhand craft supplies or use up items that you already have at home. For the hats have a look in your local charity shops, they generally put them all out just before Easter, but you have to be quick because they go fast! 


Everyone can then catwalk through the living room showing off their hard work.  Whose hat do you think will be the best?

Bunny Masks


Turn your children into Easter bunnies for the day by making simple masks. Cut out a bunny mask shape from white card. Fill these ears with pieces of pink card and surround with cotton wool. Cover the rest of the mask with cotton wool before adding an elastic strap. It’s that easy!

Rice Krispies Chicks and Nests


Stock up on Rice Krispies and Coco Pops for this seasonal twist on the chocolate treat. Use the Coco Pops to make large basket shapes and mold the other cereal into chicks. Add mini eggs to the nests, chocolate chip eyes and a caramel beak. Delicious!

Decorative Eggs

Not all eggs at Easter have to be made out of chocolate. Hard boil some medium chicken’s eggs and decorate them with all the colours of the rainbow. Paint and glitter are always a fave. When you are all done then you can have an egg rolling contest. Start at the top of a ramp or hill and see whose egg rolls the furthest. The winner will be awarded a prize.


If you are feeling adventurous then you could even try marbling the eggs. Fill a tin or bowl with shaving cream and swirl some food colouring into this. Dip your eggs in so they are completely covered and remove to dry. Once done you’ll have some beautifully coloured swirly eggs.

Pretzel Chicks


You may not realise it but pretzels can be made into scrumptious little chick shaped snacks which would go down a storm with the kids at an Easter party.


Simply fill the holes of the pretzel with yellow icing or marzipan. Then turn the pretzel 90 degrees so the rounded side faces the left; the two curves will become the chick’s head and bottom. Add on a black pearl eye and an orange chocolate covered sunflower seed as a beak and you have a little chick.

Easter Baskets


If none of these crafts catches your eye then maybe try decorating an Easter basket? Simply wind the ribbon around the handle and add shredded green paper to the basket so it looks like grass ready for the eggs to be placed inside. Stick pictures to the side if you would like to make it feel more seasonal.

Easter Crafts for Little Artists






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