Eco-Friendly Ways Of Commuting – Reasons To Invest In An Electric Moped


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Electric mopeds are growing in popularity for the simple fact that they come with definite advantages. 


Not only do they now possess sleek design, much like their petrol run siblings, but they offer an enjoyable riding experience too.  And to add to this, their environmental benefits are phenomenal – and it’s easy to see why so many are now turning to electric mopeds. Not only do electric mopeds emit less pollution, they decrease the amount of congestion in cities too. 


The question is however, is it time for you to invest in an electric moped? To give you a better idea, we thought we’d show you just why electric mopeds are so good (and why you should be ditching petrol run mopeds in favour of the more sustainable electric mopeds).

How Good Is An Electric Moped?


Great Alternative To Petrol


Electric mopeds and scooters are a great alternative to petrol ones. Not only has advancements in technologies now meant very little difference in range and speed for some, but the design of electric mopeds has now meant that they travel on our roads almost undetected, such as the Model 30 Roma electric moped with its cool Italian styling.


The Same License But Goodbye Tax


While an electric moped requires exactly the same license as petrol run mopeds, they do escape things such as tax and MOT. The electric mopeds available on our website can offer you speeds of around 30mph making them ideal for inner city commuting where average speeds are around 15mph to 20mph. With a max speed of 30mph, it does mean you only require a CBT to be undertaken, not a full bike license.




With far fewer parts than a traditional bike, electric mopeds offer far more reliability as there are far fewer parts to go wrong. Not only does an electric moped lack an engine but it also lacks a petrol tank too. This means very little ‘tinkering’ needed for it to run smoothly.




With a distinct lack of an engine or petrol tank, you’ll find your electric moped is much easier to shift around and considerably lighter. Finding a petrol moped a little too heavy to shift around at times? We don’t think you’ll have this problem with an electric one.

Ease Of Use


From removable batteries to lightweight bodies, electric mopeds couldn’t be easier to use. The Model 30 City offers an 80 volt lithium battery which is super easy to remove, allowing you to simply lift out and take indoors when you can’t find an outdoor charging point. The lightweight model design also makes them super light and agile to manoeuvre. 


Environmentally Friendly 


Not only are they free of noise thanks to ultra quiet chain operated motors but they also produce zero emissions too. With careful disposal of the battery when the time comes, an electric moped is one of the most environmentally friendly vehicles out there. By choosing to use an electric moped as your mode of transport, you’re choosing the most environmentally friendly option available.


Low Maintenance


Electric mopeds are known for being incredibly low maintenance due to the lack of a traditional engine. The designs they possess are incredibly simple. They also lack the traditional engine, which means a lack of small parts likely to go wrong at any one time. While this does mean zero ‘tinkering’, which we know some bikers enjoy, it also means a lack of parts that could and would often go wrong.


The only maintenance usually required are the tyres. Of course, batteries don’t last forever though more often than not they can be sent away and recharged. You also needn’t worry about organising MOT’s or big, in-depth servicing. Compared to petrol run bikes, they’re super easy and super low maintenance.



While many associate electric vehicles with high costs, that couldn’t be further from the truth with our electric mopeds. Our current models available range in price from £1,495 through to £2,245 thanks to our current summer sale.


Compared to regular bikes, these prices are pretty average. While an electric car will take you well into the five figures, electric mopeds sit around the same price point. They’re also available to lease from just £80 per month making them more affordable than ever.

Electric Mopeds Are For Everyone


It’s clear to see that electric mopeds are a great inner city commuting bike. With ranges of 70km to 80km, you can easily travel around the city throughout the day on one charge alone and enjoy a smooth, effortless ride while you’re at it. With its cost and environmental advantages alone, isn’t it time you invest in an electric moped this summer? For more information, contact E Rider bikes today on 01928 583030.

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