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How Homeowners Could Benefit From Mixergy Hot Water Tank

A lot of people wait until their water heating system fails before they get a new one. This could happen at the least expected time and you might not have the money for a replacement. Water heating takes a significant chunk of the energy cost in a household. According to HomeGuides, water heating contributed to the second biggest electric cost at 18%. This cost could be much more if you have a big household.

Calculating the Costs

It is estimated that hot water runs at least three times a day in a household. Heating a 50-gallon tank could cost you at least 650 pounds a year on the lower side. The water heater should come with the labeling showing the yearly operational costs.

calculate the cost

Solution: Mixergy Hot Water Tank

The Mixergy Hot Water Tank is a game changer when it comes energy management. My Plumber Ltd is the official installers of the revolutionary water heater in London.

How it works

A lot of energy is wasted when water is heated. You could heat a whole tank and only use a fraction of it. With Mixergy, you only get to heat the volume that is needed. As a result, the water quickly recovers to a usable state five times faster than it would normally take normal water heaters.

The App

The Mixergy water heater also comes with an app that is available on both Android and Ios. Consumers are able to monitor and adjust the volume of the hot water remotely. The data that is gathered over time can be used to create a heat schedule and the corresponding cost estimates displayed by the app. You can stop the tank from heating if you suspect you will be stuck in traffic or you’re going to delay getting home. Users get to control their energy consumption based on the prevailing weather conditions thus maximizing their Smart Tariffs.

Water Float

The Mixergy water heater is all about collecting and refining the user’s data. With this heater, hot water can float over cold water. This is made possible by sensing functionality or referred to as thermal stratification. The floating mechanism makes it possible for the water to heat five times than normal water heaters thus setting the benchmark for installation value.


Intelligent Control and Sensing

Mixergy has a unique sensing and control technology that is able to accurately measure and determine the volume of hot water in the tank. There is an onboard computer that relies on signals to control and operate the system. An example is when you have a tank with a capacity of 300 litres. The system is able to sense that only 50 litres of the water needs to be heated. In such a situation, the water is able to reach the useful temperature five times for smaller volumes. There is a common joke going round already that the heat saved could be used to make up to 20 cups of tea every day.

Internet Connectivity

This is perhaps the first time you’re reading about an energy saving water heater solution that has internet connectivity. The Mixergy is connected to the internet to allow for remote control and also data collection. The energy consumption is broken down in a minute by minute data with real-time analytics. As a result, the household is able to use smart tariffs. There is plenty of renewable energy which can be turned off or on depending on how windy or sunny it is. A combination of Mixergy water heater tank and smart tariffs encourages more renewable energy as it is used when it is on demand.

Why We Need Intelligent Water Heating Solutions

In order to meet the 2050 climate objectives, Europe and the UK in particular needs to stop the use of natural gas. The transition is going to be painful at first but the benefits will come in terms of reducing the carbon footprint. Hot water usage will only increase as emerging technologies meant to reduce the dependability on grid electricity increase. There is a big opportunity in the sector through the growth of eco-friendly and scalable hot water cylinders.

Pathogen Sterilisation

There are very few if any hot water tank providers that provide pathogen sterilisation. The mixer is periodically set to perform a sterilisation routine every two weeks. This is to ensure that even the bottom of the tank is able to achieve the sterilization requirements for pathogens like Legionella. Most water heater tanks don’t meet the sterilization temperatures required because of the numerous methods of heat transfer.

Why You Should Install a Mixergy water tank

Saves On Bills

It is estimated that you can save up to 100 pounds on energy costs by installing the Mixergy water heater. The energy saving costs can be reduced even further if you’re using solar as an energy source. You could be reducing your energy costs by almost 20% in a year.

Safer For the Environment

We need to preserve the earth for future generations. We can do this by reducing the carbon footprint. Clean and renewable energy is one of the ways of solving the problem. With the Mixergy, only the necessary energy is used to heat the water. This could have a long-term benefit as a family heats 350 litres on average daily.

How You Can Reduce Water Heating Costs

Use Less

You don’t have to perform an orchestra in the shower. Take a shower instead of bathing. The water doesn’t have to be running when you’re soaping up. You should also consider using cold water for laundry purposes. The Mixergy helps in using less because it also heats the water that is required.

Turn It Down

Majority of homes have hot water tanks that have the ability to reheat water when it has cooled down. This is inefficient because it significantly increases the heating cost. You can reduce the energy required for heating by up to 5% by simply reducing the standing water temperature. The thermostat might not be accurate and you will need to do it manually. You can save yourself the trouble by getting the Mixergy water tank. You can remotely monitor the temperature of your tank and adjust it depending on the needs.

Roll Out in the UK

The Mixergy water tank has been gaining momentum in the last couple of months. It has been featured in several expos in 2018. Among them include:

  • UK Construction Week and Grand Designs Live 2018

  • Future Resource Explore 2018

Mixergy was also shortlisted for Engineer Collaborate to Innovate Awards 2018.

Why It Matters

The Mixergy is the brainchild of a collaborative effort between the Power group and an affiliate to the University of Oxford’s Energy Group. There is a call for the use of electrical solutions when it comes to heating water as opposed to using natural gas. Tank installations or water cylinders are at the heart of reducing the overall carbon footprint that comes as a result of heating. Any technology that helps in reducing carbon emissions is key. With Mixergy, you only use the energy that is required to heat the water.

My Plumber is the official contractor of Mixergy Tanks and has already installed over 40 units in the London area. They have over 10 years of experience in the plumbing arena and you can expect a high level of expertise and reliability. You can reach out to My Plumber if you’re looking to cut down on costs by installing the Mixergy which is an eco-friendly hot water tank.

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