Environmentally Friendly Tips for Pet Owners

Environmentally Friendly Tips for Pet Owners

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Whether it’s cats or dogs, rabbits or hamsters, much-loved family pets are an important part of our lives. It’s lovely for children to grow up around pets, learning to care for them in the family environment.

Of course, if you want to get a pet in the most eco-friendly way possible, it’s best to get it from a shelter. Not only will you save an animal’s life, you’ll also work against excessive breeding and you will save money!

Indeed, money-saving experts Voucherbox recently studied how much pets cost us and the figures were quite surprising! If you’re a cat lover, then you will typically spend around £10,395 for the average lifetime of your furry friend. If you’re a dog lover, then the costs increase to around £15,382.

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Our loved pets may cost us money over the years and throughout their lifetime, but will we grumble? Probably not. Most pet owners would agree that the reward of owning a pet with the pleasure they bring us and the unconditional love, is all worth it.

Is Your House Toxic to Your Pet?

Environmentally Friendly Tips for Pet Owners

When we have pets, keeping the house clean can be a bit more of a mission than if we didn’t have them! But did you know that many household cleaning products are actually damaging to pets because they are toxic?

Floor cleaners, bleach and other cleaning liquids can cause sensitive reactions in paws and skin, but many pet owners would not necessarily connect that their pets’ paws could be affected by cleaning products.

In fact, these toxic cleaning products are not only harmful to our pets, but they can be harmful to us too. There are plenty of alternatives for cleaning other than the supermarket-bought products.



Protect Your Pets & the Environment

  • Product Labels: Check the labels on cleaning products. If they state “toxic” or “poison”, “warning” or “danger” then it’s likely they are harmful. Avoid placing these sprays or bottles under the sink where they may leak, potentially being dangerous for pets and children. Choose non-toxic products instead.

  • Steam Cleaners: Steam cleaning is an effective way of cleaning the floors in your home and many cleaners also have attachments to clean other surfaces – cupboards, work surfaces and walls.

  • Waste Products: Do not pour toxic waste products down the sink or throw them in the household bin. Instead, find out where you can safely dispose of them locally through your recycling centre or the local council.

  • Washing: When you are washing dog beds, dog coats, collars or blankets, consider using an environmentally friendly detergent which is allergy-free and safe for pets. Remember that if washing products are highly perfumed, they are more likely to cause reactions. Also, make sure your pet shampoo is not harmful to marine life.

There are many ways to look after your pet and the environment. For example, if you have a cat that uses a litter tray, look for biodegradable cat litter as most cat litters do not biodegrade.

You can add your pet’s waste to the compost heap, buy biodegradable poo bags and even make your own edible pet treats, instead of choosing packet-bought products! Looking after the environment is also looking after your pet and choosing a healthier way of living.



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  1. Wow I never really thought of the overall cost of having a pet, but would spend all of my money on my lovely dog, Charlie. I’ll be checking our cleaning products from now on!

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