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This is a sponsored post with Furthr: Win cash prizes for offsetting your carbon footprint! 

We are in a climate emergency, there is no denying that now. The good news is that we can all make a difference and it doesn’t have to be as hard as you might think it is. The first place you need to start is by finding out exactly what your personal carbon footprint is and yes every single person on this planet has one. By finding out what yours is you can then start to look at ways to reduce it. 

There are lots of ways that you can reduce your personal carbon footprint, check out the blog posts listed below for ideas.

Offset Carbon

If there are certain high carbon activities in your life, such as driving your car or flying for work, that you’re not currently in a position to stop then you may want to look into carbon offsetting. It’s a way of compensating for your carbon emissions by funding a carbon dioxide saving scheme someone else in the world.  Here is the official definition…

The counteracting of carbon dioxide emissions with an equivalent reduction of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere

For example if you’ve planned a holiday which requires you to fly you can offset the carbon from that flight by investing in a sustainable project somewhere else in the world. The aim is to balance out the carbon emissions. Obviously, the ideal situation would be not to fly in the first place but in situations where it’s unavoidable then carbon offsetting is a good option.  

A new company called Furthr have developed a fun way in which you can offset carbon every month which I’m going to tell you about today.

Who Are Furthr?


Further was founded by two young entrepreneurs, Mikey Atkins and Henry Bishop who, whilst in lockdown, created a carbon offsetting subscription service. Their mission is to make climate action an enjoyable part of everyday life, making the act of saving the planet wholly relatable and engaging. 

“We wanted to take this time to make fighting climate change fun and transform the widespread ‘eco-anxiety’ into ‘eco-enjoyment’, incentivising climate action on an ongoing basis. This is the key premise behind Furthr and our unique prize draw initiative, which we hope will take carbon offsetting from a charitable ‘nice-to-have’ to a fun, month-to-month hobby. Climate change is a real threat both today and for future generations, so we must all act now.” Henry Bishop, Furthr Co-Founder

Check out their awesome Instagram page too, which is full of lots of eco living facts and stats to help you live a more sustainable lifestyle. 

Carbon Offsetting Subscription Service: How It Works 


Fund Renewable Energy Projects

Users of Furthr can subscribe to support worldwide renewable energy projects. Renewable projects can offset your carbon footprint by replacing carbon energy with clean energy. Subscription plans start from £4 per month. Find out more about how the subscription plans work below. 

The current projects include solar heating in India and wind farms in Indonesia. The projects are both Gold Standard certified, which is a global verification agency who ensure the highest amount of carbon offset possible. Whenever I offset my carbon I always use Gold Standard certified projects.

wind farm

Offset Your Carbon

Every piece of project funding stops a certified amount of carbon entering our planet. You can then use this to offset your carbon and keep track of your progress. You can keep up to date with your personal metrics in your account page.


Win Cash Prizes

Every month prize draw subscribers will be automatically entered into a cash prize draw.


How Does The Cash Prizes Work?

There are two plan types on Furthr; Prize Daw Subscriptions or Fund Projects Only. If you opt for the Prize Draw Subscription then part of your subscription will contribute to the prize draw and you have a chance of winning each month. 

If you opt for the Fund Projects Only subscription then more of your subscription goes towards funding renewable energy projects but you cannot win the cash prize draw. It’s up to you which option you choose.

How The Subscription Plans Work 

Furthr have a variety of different subscription plans that you can choose from starting from £4 per month. Below is an image which shows Furthr’s breakdown of where your subscription money goes.

Furthr understands that entering a monthly prize draw is not to everyone’s taste which is why they offer the Fund Projects Only subscription as an alternative.

Furthr offset carbon

Here is an example of how the £4 a month Prize Draw Subscription would work. You pay £4 a month which offsets 0.24 tonnes of CO2 per month. Which equates to 34% of an average carbon footprint. 


That’s around…


  • 4 London to Manchester car trips 
  • Or 1 London to Rome flight
  • Or 10 steaks of beef offset every month


You then also get 2 prize draw tickets each month.

offset your carbon today

Here is an example of how the £4 a month Fund Projects Only subscription works. You pay £4 per month which offsets 0.40 tonnes of CO2 per month. Which equates to 57% of an average carbon footprint. 


That’s around…


  • 7 London to Manchester car trips
  • Or 1.5 London to Rome flights
  • Or 17 steaks of beef


Your prize draw contribution goes towards the renewable energy projects.

carbon offsetting subscription

My Thoughts On Furthr

I love the fact that this is an easy, set and forget, way to help save the planet. By that I mean you set it up and you are then offsetting a portion of your carbon automatically every month. It’s a great way to make a sustainable change to your life without having to think about it too much.

I also like how transparent Furthr are about what happens with your subscription money each month. If you’d like to try it out then visit their website today and choose a subscription plan to get started.

Also, don’t forget to check out their unique Instagram account and give them a follow to be kept updated with lots of facts about climate change and how you can make a difference. 


What are your thoughts on Furthr? Is this something that you would consider to help reduce carbon? Let me know in the comments below.

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