Fireworks Event 2016 at Devons Crealy

Fireworks Event 2016 at Devons Crealy

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Last year we were lucky enough to be invited along to the fireworks event at Devon’s Crealy. It was by far the best fireworks display I have ever seen! So you can imagine how happy we were when we got invited back again this year. 

Last year we’d had a very busy day and only managed to get to Crealy in time to watch the display whereas this year we got there earlier so that the kiddies could have a go on the rides before the show.

The Rides

The kiddies has great fun playing on the rides. They also enjoyed their toffee apples and made a lovely sticky mess! The boy almost lost a tooth in one which caused a lot of excitement at the prospect of getting more money from the toothfairy.

Toffee apples at Devons Crealy

Pirates revenge at Crealy in Devon

The Carousel at Crealy in Devon

The Fireworks Event

As I said earlier the fireworks event last year was stunning so we had high hopes for this year. We weren’t disappointed. The fireworks seemed to last forever, clearly with no expense spared.

I really wanted to take my tripod to try and capture some amazing photos but the other half would think I’d lost the plot if I started dragging that around with us everywhere we went. He already has to put up with me taking pictures of everything which I have no doubt drives him insane. I think the added addition of a tripod may just tip him over the edge.  So anyway you’ll have to put up with the pictures I captured below (sans tripod).

Fireworks at Crealy in Devon

Crealy Fireworks Devon

The fireworks at Devon's Crealy

Crealy fireworks in Devon

A Short Video of the Fireworks

Definitely watch the end, the finale was brilliant!

The Cost

Seeing the fireworks at Crealy is certainly not cheap, you have to buy the normal entrance tickets but that does enable you to spend the entire day at the park if you wish and then watch the fireworks in the evening. I’d say it’s definitely worth the money.

Fireworks Event 2016 at Devons Crealy



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