Foraging: Wild Garlic Pesto


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One thing that the kiddies and I really enjoy doing together is going on foraging adventures. As it’s Spring at the moment we decided to go on a hunt for some wild garlic with the intention of making a wild garlic pesto. On a recent dog walk we came across a load of wild garlic growing along the bank of a canal so we decided to head back there but this time armed with a bag for our goodies.

Wild Garlic

Incase you don’t know what wild garlic looks like take a look at the picture below, although you can normally smell it before you see it. You can find it in woodlands or by the side of country roads. You can use the whole of the plant including the leaf and stem.

Wild Garlic

If you are still unsure break one leaf off quite far down the stem and take a sniff, if it doesn’t smell very strongly of garlic it’s not. Still not sure? Leave it.



Wild Garlic Pesto

  • 100 g Wild Garlic
  • 75g Pine Nuts
  • 56 ml Olive Oil
  • 1/2 tsp Salt

The first thing we did was wash the leaves in cold water just to make sure there weren’t any bugs hiding in them.


Next we put the leaves, salt and the pine nuts in a blender.


I found that my big blender chopped the garlic really well but failed to chop the pine nuts so I switched to my smaller blender. This worked much better and I slowly added the olive oil.


Once it’s all chopped up you’re done. It’s that easy!

When I was happy with the consistency of the pesto we transferred the mixture into one of our canning jars.

wild-garlic-pesto wild-garlic-pesto


You can eat the pesto as it is on bread, as a pasta sauce or as an accompaniment to your salad. I also reckon it would be nice on your burger at your next bbq. Beware though it has a kick to it and you will stink of garlic for the rest of the day.


wild garlic pesto


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6 thoughts on “Foraging: Wild Garlic Pesto”

    1. It is very nice Becky although is a bit ‘hot’ as it is. Last night we heated it and had it with pasta and it takes the kick out of it.The kiddies loved it.

  1. Ooh yum. Definitely got to track down proper wild garlic for this now – so far only found some three cornered garlic in local park which I guess would also work but as it’s part of ornamental planting don’t like to pick much from there)

    1. There seems to be quite a lot of wild garlic down here, mainly beside country roads. When we lived in our old house it was literally all around us. Apparently you can grow it yourself if you have space in your garden. Hope you mange to find some

  2. Oh this looks so delicious. I love homemade pesto. Will have to try this one out. Thanks for linking up to Share With Me and sharing your recipe with me. Lovely blog. Hope you have a great weekend ahead and see you soon on LTM. #sharewithme

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