10 Fundraising Ideas for Families

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In my pre-children life I worked for a big charity for over 8 years and in that time I did my fair share of fundraising. We did everything from ladies nights to bake sales. I still like to support charities whenever I can and I’m keen to get my children interested in fundraising. Today I thought I would put together 10 fundraising ideas for families. 

10 Fundraising Ideas for Families

Garage Sale at Home

We all have that one space in our house that seems to constantly get filled with stuff we no longer use or need, whether it be in the shed, the garage or the cupboard under the stairs. Why not have a mammoth clear out and sell off any of your unwanted goods? You can set up a stall on your driveway or front garden and a few days before put flyers through all your neighbours doors letting them know about your event.

Car Boot Sale

If you’re not to keen on hosting a garage sale at home then why not pack up all your unwanted goods and head to your local car boot sale. I regularly take my two to our local car boot and they have great fun selling off their old toys. Just make sure you don’t come back with more than you went with which is easily done!

Host a Film Night

A great way of getting all your friends and family together is by hosting a film night. You provide the film, the drinks and the snacks and everyone has to pay to come and join in, just like going to the cinema. You could even see if you could borrow a projector of off someone and have the film on a blank wall. We did this before on a ladies night and all got together to watch Sex in the City, it was a really fun night!

Host A Film Night

Litter Picking

This one may sound a little odd but it’s actually quite a good one to do as a family. Everyone gets a walk in the fresh air and your also doing your bit for the environment. Make it into a game for the younger ones by giving yourself a target of how many bags you can fill within a set time.

Money Boxes

Get a cheap money box for each member of the family to collect up any change that you have then at the end of each month add it all up and see who has the most.

Sponsored Bike Ride

If you all have bikes why not set yourselves a bike ride challenge? You can have great fun as a family mapping out your route and how long it should take you. If you don’t have bikes why not think of another way to get active with the family?

Sponsored Bike Ride

Bake Sale

Get creative and spend a day baking together and then sell your wares to friends and family. You could even do a double event bake sale and open garden.

Open Garden Event

If you have a nice garden why not host an open garden event and charge people for entry. Make a bit of extra cash by selling your cakes.

Host a BBQ

If you’re not keen on baking or don’t have a garden to make Charlie Dimmock jealous then why not just have a BBQ in your garden , invite all of your friends and family round and charge them for the food. Not only are you raising money for charity, you are also spending some quality time with your friends.

Teddy Bears Picnic

Another great event to host as a family is a teddy bear’s picnic. Invite all your friends to come along and tell them to bring their favourite teddies.

Sports Relief

Fancy giving family fundraising ago? Then why not join in with this year’s Sport Relief.

50% of the money you raise is used to make a difference right here in the UK and 50% goes towards transforming lives across the world’s poorest communities.

‘Walk, run, swim or cycle in one of over 1,000 events across the UK.’

Visit the Sport’s Relief website to find out more.

Sport Relief

*Collaborative post with Sport Relief*

**I didn’t receive any monetary compensation for writing this post. I believe it is a good charity and well worth supporting** 


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2 thoughts on “10 Fundraising Ideas for Families”

  1. Great ideas, Gina. Lovely pics as well. I think its really important to help our kids to become more aware of the needs of others and mine have really enjoyed bake sales over the years.

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