Give Your House a Thrifty Reboot This Afternoon!

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Small changes in décor can have a big impact on how room feels, and small changes to your bank balance can have an equally large impact on how you feel about your next interior design project.

One quick, cheap, and simple project for each room in the house can quickly take you from drab to fab.

Here’s some ideas you can run through in an afternoon:

  1. Study: Book Yourself A Colourful New Look
Colourful Books

Image Credit: Kaboompics

The concept of organising books not by author, title, or subject matter, but simply by the colours of their spines is a relatively new one.

Reorganising your books will give the illusion of decluttering your book shelves and will also help them blend into their surroundings, allowing the eyes to focus on a more important part of the room: say a bay window or a painting.

This development has not come about unchallenged, though, with traditionalists rallying under the banner of alphabetisation.

My take on the debate? Always judge a book by its cover.

2. Bedroom: Map-Out Existing Furniture

Pine furniture is only making your house look like a budget ski resort. Your old road atlas is also redundant thanks to your satnav. Combine the two by papering over that old wood with a detailed plan of your local area.

This project should only take an afternoon: Just sand down your tired pine, and breathe life back into it by painting the wood with a light tone that fits your room. PVA glue and varnish can then attach your map (or even some old wallpaper), to a focal area, like a draw. Mappy days!

3. Kitchen: Kilner Jars Keep More Than Jam

Kilner Jars

Image Credit: Poppet with a Camera

Remember how much fun the sweetshop was? Capture some of that magic with a couple of large Kilner jars to sit under the kitchen window.

These affordable vintage containers will help keep your pasta, rice, flour, sugar, lentils etc. neat, rather than piled up in a plastic packets in the back of the cupboard.

Not only do these jars look great and save space, they also help establish a kitchen feel centred around what’s on display- food.

4. Bathroom: Skirt Around Ugly Sink Clutter

Sink clutter can include creams, medicines, and old toothbrushes you have attachment issues with. They’re all ugly in their own ways. Exposed pipework also makes it seem like you live on a submarine, and while that worked for the Beatles, there is a simple fix.

Acquire some curtains that match your bathroom’s colours from a charity shop, and then snip them down to the right length. Next, install a cheaply available curtain wire, and naked sinks are a thing of the past!

5. Living Room: Vintage Palette Chic, Just Add Varnish

Upcycle old pallets

Image Credit: Judi Cox

Shipping pallets are a great source of wood- the main ingredient in a table. From the offset they might look a tad bare and present a splinter risk, but they can create fantastic tables with a vintage feel. They are such study items too, with every knock and bump only adding character and a unique feel to the piece.

If you’ve only got a few hours, sandpaper and varnish are all you need. If you’re feeling a little bit more adventurous, why not try attaching feet or even wheels to raise the profile of the table?

So there you have it: five top tips for five things in need of improvement!

This post was written by Anne Haimes of AH Interiors. Anne is a passionate interior designer with over 20 years’ experience, based in Henley-on-Thames, England

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