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I have a confession to make…I’m a little bit obsessed with Mason jars. Our kitchen is slowly becoming filled to the brim with them, much to the other half’s annoyance. Pretty much everything we have now lives in a glass jar. (I think that it’s unavoidable if you are trying to live a zero waste lifestyle.)

So when SONNENGLAS got in touch with me to see if I’d be interested in writing about their ‘sunshine in a jar’ I was intrigued.


Green High-Tech Technology in a Mason Jar; An eco-friendly way to light up your garden #GreenLiving #Eco SONNENGLAS® was developed in South Africa as a source of light for people without access to electricity. It replaces the eco-damaging petroleum lamps that are used throughout Africa and often cause fires.

The lamps are manufactured under fair working conditions in Johannesburg and allow people with no previous training job opportunities.

To date, SONNENGLAS has created almost 70 jobs for men and women from the Alexandra and Soweto townships.




  • Handmade to a high standard
  •  Preserve jar 100% recyclable
  •  Made with 70% local materials
  •  Creates steady jobs
  •  Winner of five design awards

SONNENGLAS Sunshine in a jar

How Does it Work?

SONNENGLAS is a mini solar power plant which provides a light source from clean energy. Throughout the day it stores solar energy and then releases this energy at night in the form of light.

All of the lights are handmade and fully waterproof.  No less than 70 percent of the
materials used in each SONNENGLAS come from South Africa. The majority of the glass is made from recycled materials.

SONNENGLAS party table

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Who’s Behind It?

SONNENGLAS was created by a young entrepreneur Stefan Neubig and his team. Their vision is of a world where renewable energy is a strong part of our everyday lives and fair trade, as well as sustainable, functional designs, make our world a better place.

“SONNENGLAS combines most aesthetically our notion of sustainable electricity generation with strong functionality and fair working conditions. From the very beginning, it has been closely associated with the people who make it. We as a company feel deeply committed to them.”
Stefan Neubig, founder of SONNENGLAS


I love the fact that it is powered by solar energy. It takes pride of place on our outside table and gives off a lovely light in the evenings.

I also love the fact that you can personalise the jar. The lid screws on and off and you can fill your jar with decorations. I plan to put some shells in ours.

Eco garden lighting

As well as using it to light up your garden you can also charge it outside during the day then bring it inside in the evening. It looks great in the middle of our dinner table. It also has a little handle so you can hang it too.

Watch The Video 

Here’s a short video explaining the SONNENGLAS story in more detail.

If you are looking for an eco-friendly & stylish way to light up your garden then SONNENGLAS is a must. To find out more about the product visit their website.

Gina Caro


This is a collaborative post with Sonnenglas®: A powerful solar lantern for your garden and outdoor adventures, built through fair-trade in South Africa.


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  1. I think what I really love about Sonnenglas is their simplicity and they show how new technology and the old world values that a Mason jar really stands for can work together so perfectly to create a renewable future. Brilliant. #GoingGreen

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