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This is a collaborative post with My Nametags; Personalised nametags labels for kids. I was sent some labels for the purpose of this blog post.

A huge part of living a more sustainable lifestyle is to buy better quality items and make them last. On your journey, you’ll find that you start to buy a lot less as you’re no longer interested in owning items that you don’t really need. One of the great things about buying less is that you will then have more money to spend on better quality, ethical and long-lasting products. Items which could potentially last you years if you look after them properly.

Since I’ve been on my sustainable lifestyle journey I can’t believe how much money I have saved by switching to reusables. There are so many things that I no longer need to buy like deodorant, cling film, sanitary products and razors to name a few. All of which saves me money every month.  


We currently live in a throwaway culture with our fast fashion & cheap furniture. We’re expected to change the style in our homes with every new season along with our entire wardrobe. The problem with that is firstly that we waste a huge amount of our lives shopping and secondly, the waste that kind of lifestyle creates is massive.

If you truly want to reduce your impact and live a more sustainable lifestyle then you have to make the choice to refuse things you don’t really need, reduce what you need and reuse the things you already have as much as possible. 


The 9 R’s Of Living a Sustainable Lifestyle  

Reduce Clothing Waste with My Nametags


I was recently contacted by a company called My Nametags to see if i’d be interested in trying out their personalised name tag labels for kids.


There are two main reasons that I think these nametags are a good idea…


  • They help reduce waste 
  • They enable parents to buy better quality, more sustainable uniform & accessories

Reduce Clothes Waste With NameTags


It is estimated that £140 million worth of used clothing goes to landfill each year in the UK. Wise Up To Waste


The school uniform market is big business worth an estimated £450 million annually. If your children are anything like mine then they will have lost various school clothing and accessories over the years. They just seem to disappear and never return. My son, in particular, is a prolific school uniform loser. Which has meant I’ve had to spend a lot of money over the years replacing all of the lost items. 


I used to just write their names on the labels with a pen. The only problem with that is as you wash them the ink slowly fades and then you have to remember to write on them again. Something which I always forget to do. I’ve lost count of the number of school items we’ve lost over the years.

When we lose an item I then have to go out and replace it. I have no doubt that the lost items somehow finds their way into another child’s wardrobe so it doesn’t go to waste but it means I’m buying more clothing that we really need which does create more waste eventually. 


By using reusable nametags on our items we should, hopefully, get out items back which will not only save me a lot of money but also help to reduce the amount of waste we produce.

Buy Sustainable Uniform & Accessories  


If your children are constantly losing items at school which never seem to return you tend to opt for cheaper uniform and accessories because you know you’ll just end up replacing them soon.


If parents knew that the items had a much better chance of being returned then parents could look into buying better more sustainable clothing & accessories for their children. For example, there’s a company near to us which sells a range of eco-uniforms which are made from recycled plastic bottles. Parents could also look into buying uniform which are made from natural materials rather than polyester or acrylic fibers which are known to contribute to ocean plastic pollution.

It doesn’t  just stop at uniforms either, parents could also look into spending a bit more money on longer lasting water bottles like the stainless steel ones which we use. Even eco lunchboxes which tends to be slightly more expensive than the plastic counterparts.

My NameTags


The My Nametags we received arrived in a single envelope which can be recycle or reused. The name tags themselves were in a cardboard sleeve which again can be recycle or reused and that was it no other packaging was used which I was very happy about. The amount of unnecessary packaging out there these days is crazy!

The website is very user friendly and I managed to order name tags for both my son and daughter within a few minutes. They arrived 2 days later.

You can customise your nametags to suit your child. I opted for football ones for my son and unicorn ones for my daughter.  


The labels are…


  • Wear-resistant
  • Durable
  • Waterproof 
  • Suitable for use in washing machines, dishwashers and microwaves.


You can choose from either stick on labels or iron on ones. I opted for the stick on ones as they can go onto other items like water bottles and lunchboxes as well as clothing. In 2018 My Nametags received a Queen’s Award in the UK, recognising the global success and quality of their name tags.

So what about you do you use name labels for your kids clothes? 

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Gina is a content creator and award-winning blogger. Her aim is to help you live a more sustainable & simple life.  Her blog covers zero waste, minimalism, wellbeing & thrift. She currently lives in Cornwall with her partner, two kids and Charles the dog. 

My Nametags

Collaborative Post

This is a collaborative post with My Nametags. 

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