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It’s no secret that I have been on the ultimate home organising mission. I started in January and it has been an ongoing process since then. I’m proud to say that I have nearly got rid of 50% of our stuff.


wardrobe organisation made easy


I’m still not happy though and want to get rid of more. I’m just fed up with being surrounded by stuff that has no real purpose! I currently seem to spend my life going back and forward to the charity shops at the moment but with every bag, I get rid of I feel lighter and less stressed.


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I have recently been made aware of a website called Qwerkity. You may have heard of them before, they sell unusual, practical and fun gifts. What I didn’t know is that they also have a range of home organisation and storage products.


Get Organised


One of the main areas in the house that I have been focusing on recently is our wardrobes. I have got rid of huge amounts of my clothes and it all now fits neatly into one small wardrobe. I’m aiming for a capsule wardrobe. I picked up some great tips from the blog Simply Fiercely. You should definitely check it out.


The other half’s wardrobe, however, is another story. He is a serious clothes hoarder and has duplicates of everything!


To help organise his wardrobe better I have been sent some non-slip trouser hangers which hold roughly 5 pairs of trousers on one hanger. They cost £16.99 for a pack of six and work really well!


home organisation

Home Organization


The next step now is to actually pin him down and get rid of anything he no longer wears. In the New Year, I’d also like to look into having fitted wardrobes put into our bedroom. We currently have very cheap ones that we bought years ago and they are starting to fall apart.

I’d really love to have ones that suit our needs and have different sections to help us keep everything in its place. 

Organise your Hair Accessories


Another item that I have my eye on is their hot sleeve which is used to hold hot curling tongs or straighteners. At the moment I just leave my straighteners lying flat on our bedside table which makes me nervous, this looks much safer and also gives them a place to be stored too.




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2 thoughts on “Home & Wardrobe Organisation with Qwerkity”

  1. Do you know, that hot sleeve is a great idea Gina. I have to straighten my hair every morning as I would look like ‘Crystal Tips’ otherwise (and there is always a risk if a bit of moisture hits my hair during the day). I worry as I shove them back in the cupboard that I’m going to end up setting something on fire so thumbs up from me. I look forward to more organising updates.

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