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Switching to natural beauty products can be a frustrating journey. Just when you think you’ve finally cracked it, it all seems to go wrong again. My previous no-poo experiments are a good example of this. I will master that one day! 

This month I have been focusing my efforts on switching to a natural deodorant. Why switch? Almost all store bought deodorants contain aluminium which in some studies has been linked to cancer. This kind of freaks me out as there is a history of cancer in our family, especially breast cancer.

Surely anything I can do to reduce the risk is a good thing, right?

I thought I had finally cracked it with the latest natural deodorant I bought. It was a lot cheaper than the other ones and it was actually working. Well, that was until about a week ago when it all went very wrong. I started to smell by about lunchtime even though I had washed that morning.

Homemade natural beauty products

Asking for Help 

In desperation, I turned to a natural beauty group that I’m apart of on Facebook for advice. It’s called self-loving sisterhood – non-toxic beauty tips and support run by the lovely Lucy from the blog Lulastic and the Hippy Shake. Definitely worth checking it if you are into natural beauty.

Anyway, I explained my dilemma and it turns out that I’m not alone. Quite a few of the other members had also experienced the same issue. I was completely blown away by all the responses and advice I got, so I thought I would compile them all together into one big tips list.

Top Tips for Switching to Natural Deodorant from the Experts

 Homemade Natural Deodorants - Tips and tricks from the experts “I have a homemade spray that contains a variety of both antibacterial and nice smelling essential oils in distilled water with just a drop or two of castile soap to emulsify the eo’s.”

“Usually, natural deodorant contains a starch (like cornstarch or arrowroot) whose purpose is to absorb wetness, but unfortunately, starches can also feed bacteria. They usually also contain baking soda, whose purpose is to absorb odours, but bs is very alkaline and changes your skin’s pH, which can impair your body’s natural ability to regulate bacteria growth.” – Sarah S

“One thing I have found helpful is washing with tea tree oil mixed with water, it seems to kill the bacteria that causes the smell.” – Sarah B

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“When my hormones get out of control a splash of *isopropyl alcohol will help. Kills all the bacteria.” – Christina S

“I found the natural deo sticks made me smell more, so I’m back to just washing with essential oils (tea tree and lavender for me) and leave it at that.” – Lorna F 

“I use one called Earth Conscious from the UK that comes in a tin and it’s amazing.” – Emma B

Slice of lemon under the armpits lasts all day, I have tried a lot of them and this beats them all.” – Carole A

“*Milk of magnesia – pour some in small roller ball bottle or just use fingers or cotton ball to dab some on. Simple.” – Cheryl G

“I find this works well… *Magnesium Chloride Oil” – Ruth B

“Have you tried dissolving baking soda in coconut oil (heat it then letting the oil set). So many people I know use this with no issues at all. I use unprocessed coconut oil from the Otara Market.” – Amanda E

Bicarb and coconut oil (with a few drops of essential oil if I can be bothered) works better for me than any of the natural deodorants I’ve tried. In fact, I think most of them have made me more smelly.” – Cathy E

“I just made one and works really well. Coconut oil, bicarb and tea tree oil.” – Louise H

“I use a *potassium alum stone” – Ana S

In Conclusion

No one solution is going to work for everyone! The coconut oil mixed with bicarb seems to be a popular choice. Also, washing with essential oils. I tried this myself with tea tree oil and it did stop me from smelling. I have only just started doing this though so that may well change.

One thing to note when making the switch is that natural deodorants will not stop you from sweating. Only antiperspirant do that by blocking the pores in your armpits. It took me a while to get my head around that.

Whats next?

I think I’m going to attempt to make my own homemade deodorant using the coconut oil and bicarb combination. Wish me luck and check back soon to see how I’ve got on with it. You can subscribe to our Gypsy Soul tribe below to be kept in the loop.

Gina Caro

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