Honour Your Flow Reusable Cloth Pads Review

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*Warning this post contains words like muff fluff, periods, fanjo, cloth pads and blood! If you are uncomfortable with that then might I suggest you read something else*

Cloth Pads

To start off my switching to reusable cloth pads rather than disposable journey I opted to try a night pad first. I thought this would be the best way to trial one without having to wear it out anywhere in case I didn’t get on with it.



Bluegrass organic cotton velour Night pad

I got this pad from the site Honour Your Flow. It costs £11.00.


My first thought on seeing the pad was Wooah that is HUGE and my second thought was I’m going to get far too hot wearing that at night. However once you put the pad in place you will find it is the perfect size and as for the being too hot scenario I wasn’t at all. In fact it felt lovely against my skin much nicer than the horrible plastic feeling from the disposable pads.

To give you an idea of size here’s the pad again next to a 20p piece. Big huh!



  • Hand painted top layer in organic cotton velour
  • Two inner layers of organic cotton fleece
  • A layer of waterproof PUL
  • Backed with sky blue polyester fleece.
  • The double poppers prevent sideways movement.
  • All machine washable up to 60′

Coral Reef organic cotton velour Night pad

I got on really well with this pad, so much so that I bought another one the very next day.



After using it I’d never go back to disposables at night time now. I would 100% recommend this reusable sanitary pad.

Honour Your Flow don’t just do night cloth pads they have a whole range of products to suit your needs including mini pads, regular pads and organic cloth tampons. Definitely worth taking a look at their site to see what they have got.

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15 thoughts on “Honour Your Flow Reusable Cloth Pads Review”

  1. Oh wow! That is huge but I’d rather it be too big and comfy than worrying about leaking with it being too small…..I have the implant in so rarely have periods but if I did I would consider using these 🙂 x

    1. It is VERY big Kim but as I said it fits really well and offers fantastic protection. I’d never go back to disposable night time pads now.

    1. haha nappy I like that! Does the sagging happen over time then? So would you not recommend wearing it with normal cotton knickers?

  2. When I was using reusable nappies for my daughter. I fashioned a couple of the inner pads of the nappies to make sanitary pads to use only at night time time. I got on really well with them. Once my daughter was toilet trained though I lazily went back to disposables. This has made me want to try again. Great review.

  3. Great review – have been considering trying reusable pads ever since we started using cloth nappies when my eldest was tiny and I’ve yet to get around to actually doing anything other than just thinking about. They sound much more comfy than disposables.

    1. They are definitely far more comfortable Louise! I’d say go for. Maybe try a night time one to start with and see how you get on with it, that’s what I did.

    1. I agree it’s not for everyone Victoria. I find it absorbs just as well as the disposables but also has the added bonus of being far more comfortable. When I was using disposables at night I used to have to use 2 pads at the same time as I have quite a heavy flow but with the reusable pad I only have to use the one.

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