How To Create the Life you Want Now! – The Creating Power System

How To Create the Life you Want Now! - The Creating Power System

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Do you ever feel stuck in a rut? Do you constantly incur setbacks when trying to achieve your goals? Do you feel locked in the past and unable to break free?

Would you like to learn how to improve your relationships with others? Would you like to learn how to get what you want in life? Would you like to know how to eliminate your fears that are holding you back in life? 

Keep reading to find out how to create the life you want now!

How To Create the Life you Want Now! - The Creating Power SystemNow I’m in my 30’s I’ve been starting to reassess my life. My teenage years were all about getting an education to set me up for my future.

My 20’s were mainly devoted to being a Mum. Now I’m in my 30’s I find myself thinking who am I? Obviously, I’m still a Mum but as they get older I find they are needing me less and less.

This has meant that I have started to have time to myself again which is an odd feeling after nearly 1o years. I seem to spend all my spare time working which isn’t healthy!

One thing I do love doing is taking courses. I’m a big fan of them and there are so many great ones out there these days. I love to learn and strongly believe that we need to constantly challenge ourselves if we ever want to get on in life.

Since having more spare time I have taken several courses. Some to help me achieve work goals, some to help me improve my life and others just for fun.

One particular course that has completely changed my blogging business is Michelle’s course *Making Sense of Affiliate Marketing. If you want to learn how to make money through affiliate advertising on your blog then check it out!

Last month I started a new course called the *Creating Power System.

Creating Power System Course

‘Creating Power System – The complete course that teaches you how to create the life you want by training your mind to work with your subconscious mind.’

Creating Power Course

‘This powerful secret eliminates stress from your life, skyrockets your self-confidence and programs you for automatic lifetime success.’

Who Is This Course For

This course is for anyone who…

  • wishes to regain control of their own life
  • people who’d like to find the strength to do something different
  • anyone that needs to learn to trust themselves
  • people who would like to learn how to set goals and achieve them to make positive changes in their life.

‘Never Before Has It Been This Simple To Achieve Your Every Dream’

Course Overview:

  • Week 1 – Taking Charge
  • Week 1 – Daily Programme
  • Week 2 – Creating Change
  • Week 2 – Daily Programme
  • Week 3 – Paving a New Road
  • Week 3 – Daily Programme
  • Week 4 – Finishing Touches

Bonus Programmes:

  • Creating Confidence
  • Creating Romance
  • Creating Success
  • Creating Wealth
  • Eliminating Fear & Anxiety
  • Meditation
  • Visualization

The course includes bonus material to keep you on track. You’ll also receive a Creating Power Journal that you’ll need to write in as you go through the course.

What You’ll Learn

Here’s an example of just some of the things that you will learn in this course…

  • How to use YOUR power to get what you want in life
  • How to stop being ruled by YOUR past
  • How to identify YOUR own path to success
  • Breaking out of YOUR rut!
  • How to use YOUR power to improve your intimate relationships
  • Learning to trust yourself and respect YOUR decisions
  • How to feel that YOU can make a difference

‘What You Discover Here Will Change Your Life Forever’

I thought it would be good to cover a few different points of the course so you can get a feel for what you’d be getting should you decide to *take the course yourself.

‘Start Creating the Life you Want Now!’

Creating power system

Week One – Taking Charge 

The first week focuses on creating an action plan for your life. This is an important part of the course and should not be skipped.

In order to first regain control of your life you need to have a very clear picture in your mind of how you want your life to be. What is it that you want to achieve? Now is the time to set some goals and a specific plan to achieve those goals.

All of this is covered in week one of the course with a step by step guide to help you organise your thoughts and put a plan into action.

Goal setting


You can set goals for different areas of your life for example personal goals, fitness goals, work goals.

There is a section in the course that focuses on Item Goals. These are physical things that you want. It could be a new car, a new home or a new wardrobe. Personally, I haven’t completed this section because we are trying to live without stuff not add to it. I already have a car that I like, we have a nice home there is nothing we really need.

Don’t Give Up! Stay Focused!

As well as helping you set your goals and create a plan the Creating Power course also explains why most people don’t achieve their goals and how you can ensure this doesn’t happen to you.

They have created a really neat trick to help change your mindset which is one of the main things I took away from this course.

If the Plan Doesn’t Work Change the Plan but Never the Goal!

Week Two – Creating Change 

Now that you have your goals and plans it’s time to create change. Week two focuses on learning how to do this.

During this week you will learn how to expand your opportunities and remove negative thoughts. Every day you will do at least 3 things to achieve your goals.

Learn about how your mind and your subconscious mind work and how you can get them to work together. Find out how to change your thoughts to change your reality.

Learn how to create and recite affirmations to create positive changes in your life.

‘I am the architect of my life; I build its foundation and choose its contents’ 

Week Three – Paving a New Road

By now you are beginning to understand how your mind works and the sort of obstacle your mind might put in front of you. This week includes three things you need to do in order to get results.

Every thought you have whether it’s positive of negative causes an effect.

You create everything that happens to you in your life. Positive thoughts can change your whole life. Learn how to control this during week three.

This week is all about refining your goal and sticking with it.

Create the life YOU want

Week Four – Finishing Touches 

This is the final week of the course. You now have a plan and are taking action. If you have been following the course correctly to this point you should already start to notice changes in the way you think which in turn should be having a positive effect on your life.

You’ll accomplish little things first and then the big things will start happening.

In this final week, you’ll learn how to develop your intuition and build a bond between you and your subconscious.

How Much Does It Cost

The author of the Creating Power System, Karim Hajee, routinely charges $200 per hour for personal coaching. However, Karim wants his Creating Power System to change your life not break your bank account. Therefore he’s currently offering this course for just $97 (roughly £76).

Also, as an added bonus I have an extra $10 discount for you if you use the following code – cpginac17

This price includes the following…

  • Access to MP3 programs
  • Download all programs
  • Complete journal/workbook PDF
  • All bonus material (worth $1,695 roughly £1,325)
  • Complete support

There is also a 3-month payment option. So that is just $97 for an intensive month-long program that shows you how to succeed in life.

You can either purchase the course on MP3 or on CDs. If you opt for the CDs there will be a shipping charge. Personally, I opted for the MP3 format and I listen to the course either on my phone or laptop.

‘Remember that my Creating Power System is entirely risk-free and comes with an iron-clad 3-month guarantee’

My Thoughts on the Course

Would I recommend this course? The short answer to that is yes!

The course is easy to follow and doesn’t require any kind of elaborate tasks. You can listen to the recordings at any time of the day. Personally, I had them playing whilst I was in the bath but you could listen to them whilst cooking supper or driving.

Once you’ve completed the course you can go back and start it again if you feel you’ve gone off track.

The Creating Power System is simple but effective. I’m glad I took the course and have already noticed a change in my mindset and my attitude towards achieving my goals.

If you have any questions about the course I’d be happy to answer them. Just leave me a comment below and I shall get back to you soon.

Buy: The *Creating Power Course here and get $10 off when you use this code: cpginac17

Find out how to create the life you've always wanted

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