How To Earn Money on Social Media

How To Earn Money on Social Media

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*Please note this post contains my affiliate links. To learn more about this visit my terms & conditions page

If you are looking for an easy way to earn money on social media then this is the post for you.

You may have already guessed that I earn a living from my blog. I do this in a variety of different ways but one of the easiest ways I earn extra money is by using *LINKILIKE.

How to earn money on social media using LINKILIKE

What is LinkiLike?

LINKILIKE is a way to share new content on your social media channels and get paid for sharing it. The content chosen for you to share is relevant to you and your interests.

You can sign up for free and *get started today. You will have to fill in a quick questionnaire so LINKILIKE can determine the best content for you to promote.

Tip: Make sure you take the time to fill out the questionnaire correctly as the more information you give the more campaigns will be assigned to you. 

Once you have completed the questionnaire LINKILIKE will then check your account for approval.

LINKILIKE earn money on social media

Earn Money with LINKILIKE

  • Register for FREE
  • Share content
  • Earn money everytime you share
  • Earn even more money by referring friends
  • Payment is made into your paypal account or bank account


It’s really simple to join and start earning money, simply visit the *LINKILIKE website and click on the SIGNUP (as Social Influencer) section.

You will need to have at least one of the following social media accounts to join…

  • Facebook
  • Google+
  • Twitter
  • Tumblr

Sign up to LINKILIKE today and start earning money

You then have the option to sign up via Facebook or via email (either way works fine.)

How to earn money on social media with LINKILIKE

Next you simply need to fill in your details. Try and add in as many social media accounts as you can in the right hand section as this gives you more ways to share content in the future.

How to sign up for a free LINKILIKE account and earn money on social media

Once completed click FINISH SIGN UP and you’ll be directed to the questionnaire page. Fill this out and you’re done.

When you have your free account you can then log in. Your content for sharing can be found in the Campaigns section of the site. Below is an example of a campaign.

As you can see there will be a ‘Preview’ on the left hand side of the content, a ‘Description’ of what it is about. The ‘Remuneration’ section tells you how much you will earn if you share that content and the ‘Share’ button on the right hand side.

All you need to do to share the content and earn money is click on the button located on the right hand side that says ‘Share’.

That’s it! It’s so simple and literally takes a minute to do.

Earn money on socoial media

How much Money can I Expect to Make?

The amount you can make varies for each campaign and depends on how much you share. You also have the ability to earn more money by referring friends. To do this click on the ‘Recommend’ section and follow the steps.

You can track how much you have earnt in your ‘Earnings’ section.

Earnings with LINKILIKE

You money will be paid in Euros as it’s a German company and you need to have a minimum of 10 Euros in your account to withdraw your money.

What Kind of Content Will I Get to Promote?

The content varies from videos, articles, pictures, apps, website and infographics. It is totally up to you which content you choose to share. If you don’t like the look of something don’t share it, it’s that simple.

Every LINKILIKE users gets tailored content.

How Often Would I Be Expected to Share New Content?

This can change from week to week and depends on LINKILIKE content partners. Whenever you have new content to share you will be notified by email. It’s then just a case of clicking through to you account and pressing the share button.

Have I convinced you yet? As LINKILIKE is free to join you really have nothing to lose in giving it a go. *Sign up now for free and start earning money today.

As always I’m happy to answer any questions you may have and I love to know how you get on.

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How To Earn Money on Social Media


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