I caved… we have a puppy!

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If you follow me on Instagram then you will probably already know that we have a new addition to our family in the form of a little fluff ball puppy called Charlie.

Meet Charlie…

Charlie the Cavachon puppy

He is currently 10 weeks old and very, very cuddly! He is a Cavachon which is a cross between a Cavalier King Charles and a Bichon Frise.

When you cross this…


with this…


you get this…

Cavachon Puppy

The kiddies adore him and he has settled in really well to our family life. He’s still not too impressed with bedtime and being left on his own in his cage but he’s slowly getting better each night. He’s doing really well with his ‘potty training’ and loves running around in the garden. He’s the perfect addition to our little family.

Cavachon Puppy

What I can’t get over is how much he sleeps! I know he’s still a puppy so I’m guessing he will sleep more now than when he is a bit older but he really is the laziest dog I have ever known. He tends to alternate between sleeping his bed, on my lap, Β on the sofa and laying on my slippers. Having previously had Border Collies who are nuts and NEVER sit still it has been quite a shock to have such a docile dog. Not that I’m complaining, the Border Collies were hard work!

Cavachon Puppy the perfect family pet

If you do follow me on Instagram I apologise in advance for the mass of puppy pictures that are likely to pop up on my timeline πŸ™‚


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6 thoughts on “I caved… we have a puppy!”

  1. Charlie is one very adorable pup! I loved when my 2 collies were pups they slept and slept, not so much now… Haha, a dog is always a great addition to any family especially from being a pup, especially growing up round kids, I got my eldest collie at 6 month she was hard work to settle and train.

  2. Oh I am so glad you caved in – Charlie is gorgeous!! Beware his sleeping though – my younger son was like that for 4 months then woke up one morning thinking, “well that sleep malarkey was a waste of time!” and slept far less thereafter πŸ˜‰

    Thank you so much for linking Charlie up to #AnimalTales and I look forward to reading more about Charlie over the coming months.

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