Is Self-Employment Really Good for You?

Is Self-Employment Really Good for You?

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Mindfulness is a bit of a buzz word at the moment and has recently made its way into the workplace. Whilst more attention is being paid to staff well-being, research has found that freelancers are happier than employed workers though.

As the end of another tax year fast approaches, here are some reasons why this might be, alongside some helpful pointers if you’re considering self-employment.


So Why Is Self-Employment Good for the Mind?

Working for yourself can have many positive effects on the mind. Perhaps the most obvious one is the feeling of being in control. You can be your own boss and choose which projects you work on rather than having tasks imposed on you by others.

Many people find the freedom to design their own schedule and determine their workload both liberating and rewarding. The sense of being truly valued and getting credit for your work leads to feelings of personal fulfilment too.

Being self-employed can also take away some of the everyday stress associated with the workplace. Imagine not being caught up in any more office politics or no longer being irritated by a colleague’s loud telephone manner!

Not picking up the pieces after others make mistakes is also a bonus. If you choose to work from home, there is no daily commute either, removing stressful journeys on overcrowded public transport, or being stuck in traffic jams, from your daily routine.

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Is Self-Employment Right for Me?

Is Self-Employment Right for Me?If you’re thinking about becoming self-employed but not sure whether it’s for you, there are many sources of support. A good starting point is to use family and friends as a sounding board.

They’ll be able to give you feedback on any ideas you may have. If you already know someone who is self-employed, then ask them about own their experiences and what impact it has had on their well-being too.

For more impartial advice you could visit a psychic reader. People often use clairvoyant readings for guidance with their career and talking to someone about your aspirations could help you decide which path to take.

Gaining extra insight into the options available to you can provide the encouragement and confidence needed to pursue your goals.

How do I Go About It?

To find out more about the practicalities of being self-employed, there is plenty of information on the government online business portal. Here, you will find a wide variety of resources covering topics such as setting up, paying tax and how to register as a limited company.

Downloadable templates, handy checklists and useful links all help to demystify what is required to become self-employed.

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If you’re serious about self-employment, seeing your bank manager could also be beneficial. They will be able to talk you through the financial services you might need such as a separate business bank account.

They’ll be able to tell you about the different packages and rates available.

Whether or not self-employment is for you, being mindful of your workplace well-being is really important to keep yourself in the present moment as well as stay productive.


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Post Written by Hannah Bates

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